phylogenetic analysis of entomoparasitic nematodes, potential control agents of flea populations in natural foci of plague.entomoparasitic nematodes are natural control agents for many insect pests, including fleas that transmit yersinia pestis, a causative agent of plague, in the natural foci of this extremely dangerous zoonosis. we examined the flea samples from the volga-ural natural focus of plague for their infestation with nematodes. among the six flea species feeding on different rodent hosts (citellus pygmaeus, microtus socialis, and allactaga major), the rate of infestation varied from 0 to 21%. the propaga ...201424804197
experimental infection of ground squirrels (citellus pygmaeus pallas) with yersinia pestis during this study, we investigated the capability remain latent infection of yersinia pestis in ground squirrels (citellus pygmaeus pallas) after their challenge with y. pestis over the hibernation period.200716580730
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