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[the effect of trace elements on the infectious process in plague in an experiment].the influence of mn, fe, co, ni, cu and zn on experimental yersinia pestis infection in three species of gerbils (rhombomys opimus, meriones meridianus, m. tamariscinus) under conditions, imitating natural biogeochemical anomalies, was studied. the addition of co and ni to the fodder given to the animals for the period of 2-4 weeks prior to infection aggravated the course of infection. in similar experiments cu, fe and mn aggravated or, on the contrary, inhibited the development of infection, de ...200010876891
[study on the situation of plague in junggar basin of china].to understand the distribution, fauna, population structure of host animals and their parasitic fleas as well as popular dynamic of animal plague of natural plague foci in junggar basin.200818686853
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