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[entomological-ecological characterization of positive cases and suspected cases of west nile virus in sancti spiritus province, cuba].a descriptive study on culicidae species present in the habitats of the first positive cases and suspected cases of being affected by west nile virus in cuba and the conditions of its main breeding sources was presented. the samplings were taken in a radius of 1000 meters from the houses of 2 positive cases and 19 suspected cases. sixteen culicidae species of which 6 are associated to the virus transmission in north america, mainly culex quinquefasciatus say, 1023 and culex nigripalpus theobald, ...201323424792
[serological study carried out in cuban localities where confirmed western nile virus infection is present].first infected cases caused by west nile virus were reported in cuba in 2004. objective: to monitor and learn about the prevalence of the west nile virus in those areas with confirmed cases.201123444611
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