putative protective antibody response following oral vaccination of multi-age free ranging helmeted guinea fowls (numida meleagris) with newcastle disease virus strain i-2 coated on oiled rice.on-farm study was conducted to determine the efficacy of thermostable newcastle disease (nd) strain i-2 vaccine coated on oiled rice following oral vaccination of multi-age free ranging helmeted guinea fowls. the results from haemagglutination-inhibition assay showed that 7 days after the guinea fowls were orally vaccinated they seroconverted and attained the geometric mean antibody titre (gmt) of 4.9 log(2) (80%). this antibody titre was above the gmt of 3.0 log(2) which is regarded to be prote ...201020878470
phylogenetic analysis of newcastle disease viruses isolated from asymptomatic guinea fowls (numida meleagris) and muscovy ducks (cariana moscata) in nigeria.four newcastle disease virus isolates were recovered from asymptomatic guinea fowl (numida meleagris galeata) and muscovy ducks (cariana moscata). for the purpose of molecular identification and phylogeny, phylogenetic characterization was performed to identify the pathotypes. all four viruses had a cleavage motif (112)rrqkrf(117) which is characteristic of virulent strains. the isolates grouped with viruses previously reported as sub-lineage 5 g from chickens in nigeria. this study report for t ...201322618191
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