association between positive canine heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) antigen results and presence of acanthocheilonema odendhali microfilaria in california sea lions (zalophus californianus).this study establishes a relationship between positive canine heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) test results frequently observed in california sea lions (zalophus californianus) and infection with the filarid nematode acanthocheilonema odendhali. four commercially available canine heartworm antigen tests were evaluated for cross-reaction with a. odendhali in california sea lions. sera were tested from fifteen california sea lions with a. odendhali-associated microfilaremia, confirmed by blood smea ...201627010261
ecological, morphological, and molecular studies of acanthocheilonema odendhali (nematoda: filarioidea) in northern fur seals (callorhinus ursinus) on st. paul island, alaska.studies of northern fur seal (callorhinus ursinus linnaeus, 1758) infection by the filariid nematode acanthocheilonema odendhali were carried out in 2011-2012 on st. paul island, pribilof archipelago, alaska. skins of 502 humanely harvested northern fur seals from haul-out areas of five rookeries, polovina (n = 122), morjovi (n = 54), zapadni (n = 72), lukanin (n = 109), and gorbatch (n = 145), were examined. a. odendhali was found in 18% of northern fur seals. the prevalence of infection ranged ...201323760875
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