beet soil-borne mosaic virus rna-4 encodes a 32kda protein involved in symptom expression and in virus transmission through polymyxa betae.beet soil-borne mosaic virus (bsbmv), like beet necrotic yellow vein virus (bnyvv), is a member of the benyvirus genus and both are transmitted by polymyxa betae. both viruses possess a similar genomic organization: rna-1 and -2 are essential for infection and replication while rna-3 and -4 play important roles in disease development and vector-mediated infection in sugar beet roots. we characterized a new species of bsbmv rna-4 that encodes a 32kda protein and a chimeric form of bsbmv rna-3 and ...201122209119
sequence divergence of four soilborne sugarbeet-infecting viruses.soilborne viruses are among the most harmful pathogens of sugarbeet (beta vulgaris l.ssp. vulgaris) but most of them lack information on genetic variability due to paucity of sequence data. only one isolate of beet soil borne virus (bsbv; genus pomovirus), beet virus q (bvq; genus pomovirus) and beet soil borne mosaic virus (bsbmv; genus benyvirus) has been characterised for the coat protein (cp) gene. in this study, the cp gene sequences of three isolates each of bsbv and beet necrotic yellow v ...200515965609
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