detection of canine distemper viral antigen in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue of a fitch (mustela putorius), using an immunoperoxidase technique.the present study describes how a naturally infected fitch (mustela putorius) caused an outbreak of canine distemper in a colony of insufficiently vaccinated dogs. the detection of canine distemper virus (cdv) on paraffin sections of different organs of the fitch and one of the dead dogs was achieved using a monoclonal antibody against the nucleocapsid protein (np) of cdv and the avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex (abc) technique.19902178907
serologic response of domestic ferrets (mustela putorius furo) to canine distemper and rabies virus vaccines.nine unrelated 12-week-old naive domestic ferrets (mustela putorius furo) were used to evaluate the serologic responses to commercial canine distemper virus (cdv) and rabies virus (rv) vaccines. five of the ferrets (group 1) were inoculated 3 times at 2-week intervals with a multivalent modified-live virus vaccine of canine cell-line origin, containing cdv and an inactivated rv vaccine. four of the ferrets (group 2) were inoculated once with the multivalent modified-live virus vaccine containing ...19892537273
antibody titers in domestic ferret jills and their kits to canine distemper virus vaccine.antibody titers were measured in domestic or european ferret (mustela putorius furo) jills vaccinated with modified-live canine distemper virus (cdv) vaccine and in their kits. the half-life of maternal antibody to cdv in ferrets was 9.43 days. ferret kits should be vaccinated against cdv at 6, 10, and 14 weeks of age.19883182383
distemper in wild carnivores: an epidemiological, histological and immunocytochemical study.brain tissue from 236 wild carnivores, 146 mustelids and 90 foxes, originating from the same geographical area in southwest germany was collected over a 2 year period between may 1989 and may 1991 and studied for the presence of canine distemper virus (cdv) antigen by immunohistochemistry. cdv antigen was found in the brains of 54 (37%) mustelids, predominantly in the cerebellar grey matter. interestingly, no cdv infection was observed in foxes. an increasing number of cdv infections among muste ...19958588313
vaccination of black-footed ferret (mustela nigripes) x siberian polecat (m. eversmanni) hybrids and domestic ferrets (m. putorius furo)against canine inactivated canine distemper vaccine with adjuvant and a modified-live virus (mlv) vaccine were evaluated using black-footed ferret (mustegla nigripes) x siberian polecat (mustela eversmanni) hybrids us surrogates for endangered black-footed ferrets. for comparative purposes, we also vaccinated domestic ferrets (mustela putorius furo) with the mlv vaccine. response to vaccination was measured by clinical observation, hematology, dynamics of serum virus neutralizing antibodies, and challenge w ...19968827666
protective vaccination of ferrets against canine distemper with recombinant pox virus vaccines expressing the h or f genes of rinderpest investigate the ability of rinderpest virus (rpv) antigens, expressed in pox virus vectors, to protect against canine distemper virus (cdv) infection in ferrets.19979185963
pathogenesis of two strains of lion (panthera leo) morbillivirus in ferrets (mustela putorius furo).canine distemper virus (cdv) was previously considered to have a host range restricted to the canid family. in 1994, the virus was associated with sporadic outbreaks of distemper in captive felids. however, after severe mortality occurred in the serengeti lions (panthera leo), attention became focused on the pathogenesis of the virus and a concerted effort was made to identify the virus as cdv or a closely related feline morbillivirus. the present study was designed to explore the susceptibility ...200111355661
immunohistochemical analysis of two strains of lion (panthera leo)-adapted canine distemper virus in ferrets (mustela putorius furo).canine distemper virus (cdv) caused epizootics in lions (panthera leo) in tanzania's serengeti national park in 1994 and in captive lions and other panthera spp. in the usa in 1991-1992. in this study, immunohistochemistry was used to compare viral distribution in tissues collected from ferrets (mustela putorius furo) inoculated with one of the two lion-derived cdv isolates, either from serengeti (a94-11/13) or from california (a92-27/20). the california isolate resulted in severe morbidity in a ...200312824519
an unusual presentation of canine distemper virus infection in a domestic ferret (mustela putorius furo).a 4.5-year-old, male castrated ferret was examined with a 27-day history of severe pruritus, generalized erythema and scaling. skin scrapings and a trichogram were negative for mites and dermatophyte organisms. a fungal culture of hair samples was negative. the ferret was treated presumptively for scabies and secondary bacterial and yeast infection with selamectin, enrofloxacin, fluconazole, diphenhydramine and a miconazole-chlorhexidine shampoo. the ferret showed mild improvement in clinical si ...200818547381
outbreak of canine distemper in domestic ferrets (mustela putorius furo).in 2006 an outbreak of canine distemper affected 14 young domestic ferrets in barcelona, spain. their clinical signs included a reduced appetite, lethargy, dyspnoea, coughing, sneezing, mucopurulent ocular and nasal discharges, facial and perineal dermatitis, diarrhoea, splenomegaly and fever. late in the course of the disease, general desquamation and pruritus, and hyperkeratotic/crusting dermatitis of the lips, eyes, nose, footpads, and perineal area were observed. none of the ferrets develope ...200818723866
serologic survey for selected viral pathogens in free-ranging endangered european mink (mustela lutreola) and other mustelids from south-western investigate the possible role of selected pathogens in the decline of endangered european mink (mustela lutreola) populations and the potential for these pathogens to affect mink survival, a serologic survey was conducted using serum samples collected from march 1996 to march 2003 in eight departments of south-western france. in total, 481 free-ranging individuals of five mustelid species (including the european mink) were tested. sympatric mustelids can serve as sentinels to determine the pr ...200818957635
global mammal parasite database version 2.0.illuminating the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of parasites is one of the most pressing issues facing modern science, and is critical for basic science, the global economy, and human health. extremely important to this effort are data on the disease-causing organisms of wild animal hosts (including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminths, arthropods, and fungi). here we present an updated version of the global mammal parasite database, a database of the parasites of wild ungulates (artioda ...201728273333
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