lethal canine distemper virus outbreak in cynomolgus monkeys in japan in 2008.canine distemper virus (cdv) has recently expanded its host range to nonhuman primates. a large cdv outbreak occurred in rhesus monkeys at a breeding farm in guangxi province, china, in 2006, followed by another outbreak in rhesus monkeys at an animal center in beijing in 2008. in 2008 in japan, a cdv outbreak also occurred in cynomolgus monkeys imported from china. in that outbreak, 46 monkeys died from severe pneumonia during a quarantine period. a cdv strain (cyn07-dv) was isolated in vero ce ...201323135729
host and viral traits predict zoonotic spillover from mammals.the majority of human emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, with viruses that originate in wild mammals of particular concern (for example, hiv, ebola and sars). understanding patterns of viral diversity in wildlife and determinants of successful cross-species transmission, or spillover, are therefore key goals for pandemic surveillance programs. however, few analytical tools exist to identify which host species are likely to harbour the next human virus, or which viruses can cross species ...201728636590
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