the occurrence of cryptosporidium parvum and c. muris in wild rodents and insectivores in spain.five rodent and two insectivore species were investigated for cryptosporidium at seven sites in north-eastern spain. of the 442 animals studied, 82 apodemus sylvaticus, 1 a. flavicollis, 5 mus spretus, 1 rattus rattus, 8 clethrionomys glareolus and 13 crocidura russula were infected with only c. parvum. eleven a. sylvaticus and 2 c. glareolus were infected with only c. muris and 16 a. sylvaticus, 1 m. spretus and 2 c. glareolus showed mixed infections. both cryptosporidial species were found in ...200010996736
factors explaining the abundance of rodents in the city of luang prabang, lao pdr, as revealed by field and household surveys.a field and a household survey, the latter of which included inspections and interviews with the residents of a total of 1370 properties, were conducted in 2004 in 30 villages of the city of luang prabang, lao pdr, in order to assess the degree of rodent infestation and to identify potential factors influencing infestations. roof rats, rattus rattus, and the polynesian rat, rattus exulans, were the only rodents found in the city, and trapping results showed a clear dominance of roof rats (80-90% ...200821396046
genotyping and subtyping of giardia and cryptosporidium isolates from commensal rodents in china.cryptosporidium and giardia are two important zoonotic intestinal parasites responsible for diarrhoea in humans and other animals worldwide. rodents, as reservoirs or carriers of cryptosporidium and giardia, are abundant and globally widespread. in the present study, we collected 232 fecal specimens from commensal rodents captured in animal farms and farm neighbourhoods in china. we collected 33 asian house rats, 168 brown rats and 31 house mice. 6.0% (14/232) and 8.2% (19/232) of these rodents ...201525579244
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