emerging thermotolerant campylobacter species in healthy ruminants and swine.campylobacters other than campylobacter jejuni or c. coli were isolated in 35% of 343 farms recently analyzed in northern spain. this study was aimed at identifying at the species level the 120 isolates collected (21 ovine, 52 beef cattle, 44 dairy cattle, and 3 porcine) by species-specific polymerase chain reaction and 16s rrna gene sequencing analysis. thus, five species were identified: campylobacter hyointestinalis (90 isolates), campylobacter lanienae (12), campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus ...201121438765
the isolation and prevalence of campylobacters from dairy cattle using a variety of methods.faecal samples from 94 dairy cows and 42 calves in three different herds were examined by a variety of techniques for campylobacters. cefoperazone amphotericin teicoplanin (cat) agar, modified cefoperazone charcoal deoxycholate agar (mccda), karmali agar, and membrane filtration onto blood agar, were used with and without enrichment in cat broth. seventy-nine percent of cattle in herd a carried campylobacters, compared with 40% and 37.5% of cattle in herds b and c, respectively. most animals car ...19989674125
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