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defining parasite biodiversity at high latitudes of north america: new host and geographic records for onchocerca cervipedis (nematoda: onchocercidae) in moose and caribou.onchocerca cervipedis is a filarioid nematode of cervids reported from central america to boreal regions of north america. it is found primarily in subcutaneous tissues of the legs, and is more commonly known as 'legworm'. blackflies are intermediate hosts and transmit larvae to ungulates when they blood-feed. in this article we report the first records of o. cervipedis from high latitudes of north america and its occurrence in previously unrecognized host subspecies including the yukon-alaska m ...201223110962
cryptic onchocerca species infecting north american cervids, with implications for the evolutionary history of host associations in onchocerca.parasites in the genus onchocerca infect humans, ruminants, camels, horses, suids, and canids, with effects ranging from relatively benign to debilitating. in north america, onchocerca cervipedis is the sole species known to infect cervids, while at least 5 onchocerca species infect eurasian cervids. in this study, we report the discovery of a cervid-parasitizing onchocerca only distantly related to o. cervipedis. to reconstruct the phylogenetic history of the genus onchocerca, we used newly acq ...201323131549
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