first isolates of leptospira spp., from rodents captured in angola.rodents play an important role in the transmission of pathogenic leptospira spp. however, in angola, neither the natural reservoirs of these spirochetes nor leptospirosis diagnosis has been considered. regarding this gap, we captured rodents in luanda and huambo provinces to identify circulating leptospira spp. rodent kidney tissue was cultured and dna amplified and sequenced. culture isolates were evaluated for pathogenic status and typing with rabbit antisera; polymerase chain reaction (pcr) a ...201626928840
multiple-locus variable-number tandem repeat analysis of leptospira interrogans and leptospira borgpetersenii isolated from small feral and wild mammals in east asia.leptospira spp. are the causative agents of a worldwide zoonosis, leptospirosis, maintained by various mammals. each leptospira serovar is frequently associated with a particular maintenance host, and recently, leptospira genotype-host association has also been suggested to limit serovars to restricted areas. we investigated the molecular characteristics of l. interrogans and l. borgpetersenii which were isolated from small feral and wild animals in four east asian states using multiple-locus va ...201526296603
seroprevalence of leptospira borgpetersenii serovar javanica infection among dairy cattle, rats and humans in the cauvery river valley of southern india.leptospirosis is a major problem of dairy farms in tamilnadu, india, resulting in abortions, stillbirths and infertility. serologic and genetic analyses of samples from cattle, humans and rodents were performed in order to estimate infection prevalence and identify leptospiral species. five hundred and fifteen sera and 76 urine samples were collected from dairy cattle on 25 farms including a farm that practiced rat control. sera and kidney samples were also collected from field rats (rattus norv ...201121706947
characterization of leptospira borgpetersenii isolates from field rats (rattus norvegicus) by 16s rrna and lipl32 gene sequencing.the main goal of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of leptospirosis among field rodents of tiruchirappalli district, tamil nadu, india. in total 35 field rats were trapped and tested for seroprevalence by the microscopic agglutination test (mat). isolation of leptospires was performed from blood and kidney tissues and characterized to serovar level. genomospecies identification was carried out using 16s rrna and lipl32 gene sequencing. the molecular phylogeny was constructed to find out ...201024031475
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