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first record of leptospira borgpetersenii isolation in the amami islands, 2003, a leptospira survey was performed on yoroshima island of the amami islands located in the southwestern part of japan. seven leptospira strains were isolated from the field rat rattus rattus, which were identified as l. borgpetersenii by flab sequencing, 16s rdna sequencing and gyrb sequencing, and serovar javanica was determined by a microscopic agglutination test. noti-long restriction fragment analysis indicated that these isolates were genetically indistinguishable from an isolate fr ...200616785714
similarities in leptospira serogroup and species distribution in animals and humans in the indian ocean island of mayotte.our objective was to identify local animal reservoirs of leptospirosis to explain the unusual features of leptospira strains recently described among patients on the island of mayotte. by means of a microscopic agglutination test using local clinical isolates, we found that 11.2% of black rats were seropositive to leptospira, whereas 10.2% of flying foxes, 2% of lemurs, 93.1% of domestic dogs, and 87.5% of stray dogs were seropositive. as observed in humans, mini was the main serogroup circulati ...201222764304
isolation and molecular characterization of leptospira interrogans and leptospira borgpetersenii isolates from the urban rat populations of kuala lumpur, malaysia.rats are considered the principal maintenance hosts of leptospira. the objectives of this study were isolation and identification of leptospira serovars circulating among urban rat populations in kuala lumpur. three hundred urban rats (73% rattus rattus and 27% r. norvegicus) from three different sites were trapped. twenty cultures were positive for leptospira using dark-field microscopy. r. rattus was the dominant carrier (70%). polymerase chain reaction (pcr) confirmed that all isolates were p ...201323358635
identification of tenrec ecaudatus, a wild mammal introduced to mayotte island, as a reservoir of the newly identified human pathogenic leptospira mayottensis.leptospirosis is a bacterial zoonosis of major concern on tropical islands. human populations on western indian ocean islands are strongly affected by the disease although each archipelago shows contrasting epidemiology. for instance, mayotte, part of the comoros archipelago, differs from the other neighbouring islands by a high diversity of leptospira species infecting humans that includes leptospira mayottensis, a species thought to be unique to this island. using bacterial culture, molecular ...201627574792
determination of leptospira borgpetersenii serovar javanica and leptospira interrogans serovar bataviae as the persistent leptospira serovars circulating in the urban rat populations in peninsular malaysia.leptospirosis is an emerging infectious disease of global significance, and is endemic in tropical countries, including malaysia. over the last decade, a dramatic increase of human cases was reported; however, information on the primary vector, the rat, and the leptospira serovars circulating among the rat population is limited. therefore, the present study was undertaken to isolate leptospira and characterise the serovars circulating in the urban rat populations from selected main cities in pen ...201626927873
first isolates of leptospira spp., from rodents captured in angola.rodents play an important role in the transmission of pathogenic leptospira spp. however, in angola, neither the natural reservoirs of these spirochetes nor leptospirosis diagnosis has been considered. regarding this gap, we captured rodents in luanda and huambo provinces to identify circulating leptospira spp. rodent kidney tissue was cultured and dna amplified and sequenced. culture isolates were evaluated for pathogenic status and typing with rabbit antisera; polymerase chain reaction (pcr) a ...201626928840
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