visceral leishmaniasis caused by leishmania infantum in a spanish patient in argentina: what is the origin of the infection? case report.the question "where have you been?" is a common one asked by doctors in northern europe and america when faced with clinical symptoms not typical of their country. this question must also arise in the clinics of developing countries in which non-autochthonous cases such as the one described here can appear. important outbreaks of leishmania infantum have been recorded in the last decade in several latin american countries but its presence has not yet been recorded in argentina. we report the fir ...200415225352
in vitro anti-microbial activity of the cuban medicinal plants simarouba glauca dc, melaleuca leucadendron l and artemisia absinthium the present study, an extensive in vitro antimicrobial profiling was performed for three medicinal plants grown in cuba, namely simarouba glauca, melaleuca leucadendron and artemisia absinthium. ethanol extracts were tested for their antiprotozoal potential against trypanosoma b. brucei, trypanosoma cruzi, leishmania infantum and plasmodium falciparum. antifungal activities were evaluated against microsporum canis and candida albicans whereas escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus were us ...200818949336
[epidemiology of autochthonous leishmaniases in france].leishmania infantum is the only species occurring in metropolitan france; located in the mediterranean part of the country, it is responsible for a highly enzootic canine disease, while the human endemicity is low, with about 23 cases yearly reported to the national reference centre of leishmaniases, mainly visceral forms. in french guyana, five leishmania species occur in the amazonian forest, of which l. guyanensis is the predominant species, and l. braziliensis is responsible for the most cri ...201323886932
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