[ecoepidemiology of leishmaniases in syria. 2--presence, in dogs, of leishmania infantum nicolle and leishmania tropica (wright) (kinetoplastida-trypanonomatidae)].in an ecoepidemiological study in the syrian foci of human visceral (vl) and cutaneous (cl) leishmaniasis, domestic dogs infected with leishmania infantum mon-1 and l. tropica mon-76 were found for the first time. in syria canine leishmaniasis caused by l. infantum, occurs in the humid and sub-humid western belt from the coastal zone to the nearby mountain ranges. sporadis cases of human vl occur in this area. canine cl, caused by l. tropica was found in the semi-arid zone in a village with a hi ...19911822655
isoenzyme characterization of leishmania isolates from lebanon and syria.leishmania parasites were isolated from 22 lebanese and 5 syrian patients with active skin lesions for whom the diagnosis was confirmed by histopathological examination. the isolates were characterized by starch gel electrophoresis and analysis of 13 enzyme systems. eight old-world reference strains were used for comparison. one syrian isolate belonged to leishmania major, and four syrian and two lebanese to leishmania tropica. contrary to expectations, the majority of lebanese isolates were rel ...200011357993
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