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Antileishmanial, antitrypanosomal, and cytotoxic screening of ethnopharmacologically selected Peruvian plants.Extracts (34) from eight plant species of the Peruvian Amazonia currently used in traditional Peruvian medicine, mostly as antileishmanial remedies and also as painkiller, antiseptic, antipyretic, anti-inflamatory, antiflu, astringent, diuretic, antipoison, anticancerous, antiparasitic, insecticidal, or healing agents, have been tested for their antileishmanial, antitrypanosomal, and cytotoxic activity. Plant species were selected based on interviews conducted with residents of rural areas. The ...201121922239
indole alkaloids from geissospermum reticulatum.ten indole alkaloids were isolated from geissospermum reticulatum, seven (1-7) from the leaves and three (8-10) from the bark. seven were aspidospermatan-type alkaloids (1-3, 5-9), including four (5-8) with a 1-oxa-3-cyclopentene group in their molecule, which we named geissospermidine subtype. compounds 1-3, 5-8, and 10 had not been reported previously as natural products, while 4 and 9 were the known alkaloids o-demethylaspidospermine and flavopereirine. their structures were determined by spe ...201222551062
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