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a case of mucocutaneous leishmaniasis diagnosed by serology.a 43-year-old japanese bolivian male had been suffering from a right leg ulcer after an insect bite during his residence in bolivia. the ulcer healed after herbal medicine treatment. ten years later, the patient had symptoms of nasal obstruction, nasal bleeding, and pharyngodynia, which were accompanied by a destructive ulcer with surrounding erythema involving the right nostril apex and columella. papillary, irregular mucosal lesions were seen on the soft palate. giemsa staining and polymerase ...201425041360
association of the endobiont double-stranded rna virus lrv1 with treatment failure for human leishmaniasis caused by leishmania braziliensis in peru and bolivia.cutaneous and mucosal leishmaniasis, caused in south america by leishmania braziliensis, is difficult to cure by chemotherapy (primarily pentavalent antimonials [sb(v)]). treatment failure does not correlate well with resistance in vitro, and the factors responsible for treatment failure in patients are not well understood. many isolates of l. braziliensis (>25%) contain a double-stranded rna virus named leishmaniavirus 1 (lrv1), which has also been reported in leishmania guyanensis, for which a ...201626123565
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