gp63 gene polymorphism and population structure of leishmania donovani complex: influence of the host selection pressure?the gp63 encoding genes were characterized by pcr-rflp in 35 isolates representative of the leishmania donovani complex (l. infantum, l. donovani, l. archibaldi and l. chagasi), with special attention to mediterranean l. infantum from different geographical origins, and in separate groups from old world leishmania (l. major, l. tropica and l. aethiopica). the aim was to evaluate how the possible selective pressure by the host on these important surface proteins would influence structuring of our ...200111197761
immunochromatographic rk39 strip test in the serodiagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in tunisia.the performance of the rk39 strip test in the diagnosis of tunisian visceral leishmaniasis (vl) was evaluated and compared with that of immunofluorescent antibody test (ifat). a total of 929 sera, including 574 from vl patients, 54 from cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) patients, 42 from patients with other protozoan diseases, 152 from patients with non-parasitic diseases and 107 from healthy controls, were used in the study. the sensitivity and specificity of the rk39 strip test were 87.1 and 94.4%, ...200919070876
activity of olive leaf extracts against the promastigote stage of leishmania species and their correlation with the antioxidant activity.leishmaniasis is one of the neglected tropical diseases in terms of drug discovery and development. furthermore, the chemotherapy used to treat this disease has been proved to be highly toxic and to present resistance issues. as consequent, the need for novel leishmanicidal molecules has notably increased in the recent years. in the present work an attempt was made to evaluate the antioxidant and leishmanicidal activities besides presence of compounds in leaf extracts of 5 different tunisian oli ...201424662269
identification of tunisian leishmania spp. by pcr amplification of cysteine proteinase b (cpb) genes and phylogenetic analysis.discrimination of the old world leishmania parasites is important for diagnosis and epidemiological studies of leishmaniasis. we have developed pcr assays that allow the discrimination between leishmania major, leishmania tropica and leishmania infantum tunisian species. the identification was performed by a simple pcr targeting cysteine protease b (cpb) gene copies. these pcr can be a routine molecular biology tools for discrimination of leishmania spp. from different geographical origins and d ...201323228525
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