potential animal reservoirs of toscana virus and coinfections with leishmania infantum in turkey.toscana virus (tosv), a sandfly-borne phlebovirus, is an important agent of human meningoencephalitis in the mediterranean region, for which vertebrates acting as reservoirs have not yet been determined. this study investigates tosv and leishmania infections in dogs, cats, sheep, and goats from adana and mersin provinces in southeastern turkey. tosv neutralizing antibodies were demonstrated in 40.4% of the dog and 4% of the goat samples. tosv rna was detected in 9.9% of the 252 samples that main ...201525711610
[cutaneous leishmaniasis in turkey].cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) caused by leishmania protozoon parasites is a disease which is characterized by long-term nodulo-ulcerative lesions healing spontaneously with scarring. the disease has been well-known in anatolia for centuries and has different names such as; urfa boil, antep boil, year boil, halep boil, oriental sore and beauty scar. the causative agents are leishmania tropica and leishmania tropica/leishmania infantum in southeastern anatolia and east mediterranean, respectively. ...201222801920
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