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kala-azar in a high transmission focus: an ethnic and geographic 1994-1996, we studied a group of 58 game wardens stationed in an area known to be highly endemic for visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) for evidence of infection with leishmania donovani. leishmania dna was detected by the polymerase chain reaction in the peripheral blood of cases of active kala-azar, former patients with visceral leishmaniasis, patients, and asymptomatic subjects. using the cloned antigen rk39, antibodies were detected in 44.2% of the game wardens while leishmanin skin test ...199910674674
arbitrary-primed pcr for genomic fingerprinting and identification of differentially regulated genes in indian isolates of leishmania donovani.the arbitrary-primed pcr (ap-pcr) technique was employed with the twin goals of identifying genetic polymorphisms within the indian isolates and to identify differentially expressed gene sequences. the parasite isolates from indian kala-azar patients could be differentiated from leishmania donovani isolates from distinct geographic regions. moreover, differences within the indian isolates could also be identified. a majority (17/19) of the indian isolates gave identical ap-pcr pattern, while two ...200415172218
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