potential animal reservoirs of toscana virus and coinfections with leishmania infantum in turkey.toscana virus (tosv), a sandfly-borne phlebovirus, is an important agent of human meningoencephalitis in the mediterranean region, for which vertebrates acting as reservoirs have not yet been determined. this study investigates tosv and leishmania infections in dogs, cats, sheep, and goats from adana and mersin provinces in southeastern turkey. tosv neutralizing antibodies were demonstrated in 40.4% of the dog and 4% of the goat samples. tosv rna was detected in 9.9% of the 252 samples that main ...201525711610
geographical information systems in determination of cutaneous leishmaniasis spatial risk level based on distribution of vector species in imamoglu province, adana.the imamoglu district located in the southeast of adana province in turkey is an endemic focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) owing to dominancy of phlebotomus tobbi, which is a probable vector of leishmania infantum. about 11.26% of cl cases reported each year are from imamoglu, adana, and between 2008 and 2015, 223 cases of cl were reported. leishmania infantum, which may be transmitted by p. tobbi, phlebotomus neglectus/syriacus, and phlebotomus perfiliewi, is referred as leishmaniasis facto ...201728505264
[cutaneous leishmaniasis in turkey].cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) caused by leishmania protozoon parasites is a disease which is characterized by long-term nodulo-ulcerative lesions healing spontaneously with scarring. the disease has been well-known in anatolia for centuries and has different names such as; urfa boil, antep boil, year boil, halep boil, oriental sore and beauty scar. the causative agents are leishmania tropica and leishmania tropica/leishmania infantum in southeastern anatolia and east mediterranean, respectively. ...201222801920
evaluation of the efficacy of olyset® plus in a village-based cohort study in the cukurova plain, turkey, in an area of hyperendemic cutaneous leishmaniasis.the aim of this study was to measure the protective efficacy of olyset(®) plus, a new long-lasting factory-treated insecticidal net (llin) incorporated with 2% permethrin and 1% of the synergist piperonyl butoxide (pbo), against cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) transmission under field conditions. a village-scale trial, promoting the use of llin by the local inhabitants of the study area was conducted as a pilot study in a new hyperendemic focus of cl caused by a leishmania infantum/l. donovani hybr ...201425424269
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