[cutaneous leishmaniasis in a senegal patient].cutaneous leishmaniasis is a group of diseases with vast clinical polymorphism produced by protozoa of the genus leishmania, that is acquired through the bite of sandflies. it is an endemic zoonosis in spain, being the dog the main reservoir. in our country all forms of leishmaniasis are due to leishmania infantum species, that usually produces mild lesions in uncovered areas, mainly in children. we report an imported case of cutaneous leishmaniasis in a senegal patient that presented clinical c ...200717374336
seroprevalence of leishmania infantum in a rural area of senegal: analysis of risk factors involved in transmission to humans.whereas leishmania infantum, the agent of visceral leishmaniasis (vl), is well known in north africa, very limited data exist on its spread in west africa, where mainly cutaneous leishmaniasis has been widely reported. nevertheless, dogs infected with l. infantum were recently found in the mont rolland district in senegal. to provide a better understanding of l. infantum epidemiology in this area, clinical and serological surveys were carried out to determine the seroprevalence of l. infantum-sp ...201121543098
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