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domestic dogs as reservoir hosts for leishmania donovani in the southernmost western ghats in india.the peripheral blood samples from domestic dogs (n=47) and wild rats (n=25) in the kani tribe settlements, located southernmost part of the western ghats, thiruvananthapuram district, kerala, india were examined for leishmania infection. this area is known for cases of leishmaniasis with cutaneous manifestations and sandfly abundance. the tribes domesticate dogs to protect them from untoward activities of wild animals. leishmania donovani parasite dna was detected only from 6.4% (n=3) of the blo ...201728327413
detection of natural infection of leishmania donovani (kinetoplastida: trypanosomatidae) in phlebotomus argentipes (diptera: psychodidae) from a forest ecosystem in the western ghats, india, endemic for cutaneous leishmaniasis.a new focus of transmission of leishmania donovani causing cutaneous manifestations (cl) was reported by us earlier, in the western ghats region of thiruvananthapuram district, kerala, india. 12,253 sand fly specimens, comprising of three species belonging to the genus phlebotomus (24.7%) and 16 species belonging to the genus sergentomyia (57.3%) were collected from the region during 2012-2014. among phlebotomus species, phlebotomus argentipes was found predominant (77.3%), followed by phlebotom ...201626774685
cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by leishmania donovani in the tribal population of the agasthyamala biosphere reserve forest, western ghats, kerala, india.cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl), a neglected tropical disease, is reported to be prevalent in tribal villages located in the agasthyamala biosphere reserve forests of western ghats, kerala state, india. we carried out an investigation to characterize the species of leishmania parasites involved in these infections prevalent among one of the oldest human tribal populations in india. skin aspirates collected from 13 clinically diagnosed cases were subjected to histopathological investigations, serolo ...201525480880
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