cutaneous leishmaniasis after travel to cyprus and successful treatment with miltefosine.a patient presenting with an atypical manifestation of cutaneous leishmaniasis after travel to cyprus was successfully treated with miltefosine. the k26 typing revealed a hitherto undescribed strain of the leishmania donovani/infantum complex as the causing agent.201121460010
seroprevalence and asymptomatic carriage of leishmania spp. in austria, a non-endemic european country.leishmaniasis is a rare disease in central europe and is diagnosed almost exclusively in travellers or migrants coming from tropical or subtropical countries. we conducted an explorative cross-sectional serological study, using a commercial elisa, in 1048 healthy austrian individuals to assess the distribution of specific antibodies against leishmania spp. in humans in austria. overall, 47 individuals (4.5%) tested positive, and an additional 32 (3.1%) showed borderline results. after 12 months, ...201322764887
Combining climatic projections and dispersal ability: a method for estimating the responses of sandfly vector species to climate change.BACKGROUND: In the Old World, sandfly species of the genus Phlebotomus are known vectors of Leishmania, Bartonella and several viruses. Recent sandfly catches and autochthonous cases of leishmaniasis hint on spreading tendencies of the vectors towards Central Europe. However, studies addressing potential future distribution of sandflies in the light of a changing European climate are missing. METHODOLOGY: Here, we modelled bioclimatic envelopes using MaxEnt for five species with proven or assum ...201122140590
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