phylogenetic analysis of buggy creek virus: evidence for multiple clades in the western great plains, united states of america.we present the first detailed phylogenetic analysis of buggy creek virus (bcrv), a poorly known alphavirus with transmission cycles involving a cimicid swallow bug (oeciacus vicarius) vector and cliff swallows (petrochelidon pyrrhonota) and house sparrows (passer domesticus) as the principal avian hosts. nucleotide sequences of a 2,075-bp viral envelope glycoprotein-coding region, covering the entire pe2 gene, were determined for 33 bcrv isolates taken from swallow bugs at cliff swallow colonies ...200616936062
probable non-vector-borne transmission of zika virus, colorado, usa.clinical and serologic evidence indicate that 2 american scientists contracted zika virus infections while working in senegal in 2008. one of the scientists transmitted this arbovirus to his wife after his return home. direct contact is implicated as the transmission route, most likely as a sexually transmitted infection.201121529401
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