detection of a gammaretrovirus, xmrv, in the human population: open questions and implications for xenotransplantation.xmrv (xenotropic murine leukaemia virus-related virus) is a gammaretrovirus that has been detected in human patients with prostate carcinoma, chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) and also in a small percentage of clinically healthy individuals. it is not yet clear whether the distribution of this virus is primarily limited to the usa or whether it is causally associated with human disease. if future investigations confirm a broad distribution of xmrv and its association with disease, this would have a ...201020219088
evolution of functional and sequence variants of the mammalian xpr1 receptor for mouse xenotropic gammaretroviruses and the human-derived retrovirus xmrv.genetic conflicts between retroviruses and their receptors result in the evolution of novel host entry restrictions and novel virus envelopes, and such variants can influence trans-species transmission. we screened rodents and other mammals for sequence variation in the xpr1 receptor for the mouse xenotropic or polytropic mouse leukemia viruses (x-mlvs or p-mlvs, respectively) of the gammaretrovirus family and for susceptibility to mouse-derived x/p-mlvs and to xmrv (xenotropic murine leukemia v ...201020844050
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