characterization of enzootic nasal tumour virus of goats: complete sequence and tissue distribution.the complete genome sequence of a new isolate of enzootic nasal tumour virus (entv-2), associated with enzootic nasal adenocarcinoma (ena) of goats, was determined. the genome exhibits a genetic organization characteristic of beta-retroviruses. entv-2 is closely related to the retrovirus (entv-1) associated with enzootic adenocarcinoma of sheep, and to jaagsiekte retrovirus. the main sequence differences between these viruses reside in orfx, the u3 ltr, two small regions in gag and the transmemb ...200312867657
jsrv and entv promoters drive gene expression in all airway epithelial cells of mice but only induce tumors in the alveolar region of the lung.jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus (jsrv) induces tumors in the distal airways of sheep and goats, while the closely-related enzootic nasal tumor viruses (entv-1 and entv-2) induce tumors in the nasal epithelium of sheep and goats, respectively. when expressed using a strong rous sarcoma virus (rsv) promoter, the envelope proteins of these viruses induce tumors in the respiratory tract of mice, but only in the distal airway. to examine the role of the retroviral long terminal repeat (ltr) promoters in ...201121593165
full-length genome sequence analysis of enzootic nasal tumor virus reveals an unusually high degree of genetic stability.enzootic nasal tumor virus (entv) is a betaretrovirus of sheep (entv-1) and goats (entv-2) associated with neoplastic transformation of epithelial cells of the ethmoid turbinate. confirmation of the role of entv in the pathogenesis of enzootic nasal adenocarcinoma (ena) has yet to be resolved due to the lack of an infectious molecular clone and the inability to culture the virus. very little is known about the prevalence of this disease, particularly in north america, and only one full-length se ...201020398709
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