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isolation of a lysogenic bacteriophage carrying the stx(1(ox3)) gene, which is closely associated with shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli strains from sheep and humans.a specific pcr for the detection of a variant of the gene encoding shiga toxin 1 (stx(1)) called stx(1(ox3)) (genbank accession no. z36901) was developed. the pcr was used to investigate 148 stx(1)-producing escherichia coli strains from human patients (n = 72), cattle (n = 27), sheep (n = 48), and a goat (n = 1) for the presence of the stx(1(ox3)) gene. the stx(1(ox3)) gene was present in 38 shiga toxin-producing e. coli (stec) strains from sheep belonging to serogroups o5, o125, o128, o146, an ...200111682520
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