development of probiotic cheese manufactured from goat milk: response surface analysis via technological manipulation.production of caprine milk has been rising steadily, partially because of its good nutritional value; the possibility of improving nutritional benefits by adding probiotic species such as bifidobacterium lactis and lactobacillus acidophilus was assessed. the manufacturing process of a traditional semi-hard goat cheese was technologically modified to optimize the process. the amount of starter inoculum, the concentration of salt, the addition of a protein hydrolysate, and the ripening time were v ...19989684158
use of small ruminants' milk supplemented with available nitrogen as growth media for bifidobacterium lactis and lactobacillus acidophilus.growth of, and acid production by bifidobacterium lactis and lactobacillus acidophilus using ovine and caprine milk as media were evaluated for their potential use in cheese-making. a protein hydrolysate (mhp, obtained from incubation of bovine milk with protease) or a mixture of free amino acids (faa, similar to the amino acid fraction of mhp) was added as a nitrogen enrichment source. bifidobacterium lactis and lact. acidophilus were inoculated at 50 ml l-1 and incubated at 37 degrees c with g ...19989830119
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