intratypic genome variability of the coxsackievirus b1 2a protease analyse the intratypic genome variability of coxsackievirus b1, 17 coxsackievirus b1 isolates were collected over a period of 10 years. nucleotide sequences of the 2a coding region of the various coxsackievirus b1 isolates and known sequences of other enteroviruses were compared. the maximum diversity observed within the entire group of coxsackievirus b1 isolates was 25%. comparison of deduced amino acid sequences revealed a maximum diversity of 5%. phylogenetic analysis demonstrates a close ...19948126468
complete nucleotide sequence of a coxsackie b5 virus and its relationship to swine vesicular disease virus.we report the first complete nucleotide sequence of the picornavirus coxsackievirus b5 (cb5), strain 1954/uk/85, an isolate from a case of hand-foot-and-mouth disease. we have compared the sequence with those of other coxsackie b viruses, coxsackievirus a9, poliovirus and swine vesicular disease virus (svdv). the genes encoding the three major capsid proteins are most closely related to those of svdv but the 5' and 3' noncoding regions and the p3 gene are more similar to the corresponding region ...19938388019
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