hematologic, serum chemistry and serologic values of dall's sheep (ovis dalli dalli) in june 1979, 73 dall's sheep were captured near tok, alaska to determine selected hematologic and serum metabolite parameters and to determine the presence of antibodies to selected pathogens. hematology and serum metabolite values were compared with values for domestic sheep and bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis). antibodies were detected against brucella sp. (4%), campylobacter feti (30%), contagious ecthyma virus (23%) and bovine parainfluenza type 3 virus (1%). antibodies were not detected aga ...19836887435
isolation and presumptive identification of adherent epithelial bacteria ("epimural" bacteria) from the ovine rumen hundred sixty-one strains of adherent bacteria were isolated under anaerobic conditions from four sites on the rumen epithelial surface of sheep fed hay or a hay-grain ration. before isolation of bacteria, rumen tissue was washed six times in an anaerobic dilution solution, and viable bacteria suspended in the washings were counted. calculation indicated that unattached bacteria would have been removed from the tissue by this procedure, but a slow and progressive release of attached bacteria ...19817195191
[results of parasitological examinations of faecal samples from horses, ruminants, pigs, dogs, cats, hedgehogs and rabbits between 1998 and 2002].the results of coproscopical examinations in horses, ruminants, pigs, dogs, cats, hedgehogs and rabbits between 1998 and 2002 are presented. in 4399 samples from horses 37.4% stages of strongylids, 1.4% anoplocephalids, 1.3% strongyloides westeri, 0.9% parascaris equorum, 0.04% oxyuris equi, 0.04% eimeria sp. and 0.04% fasciola hepatica were found. in 998 samples of cattle 22.1% stages of strongylids, 11.2% of eimeria spp., 3.5% of cryptosporidium, 2.9% of moniezia spp., 1.3% of trichuris spp., ...200415287577
some parasitic flukes infecting farm animals in al-santa center, gharbia governorate, egypt.a total of 213 farm animals in the vicinity of al-santa center (73 cattle, 90 buffaloes and 50 sheep) were coprologic examined for natural infection with trematod-parasites. the results showed that cattle were infected with fasciola sp (21.8%) and paramphistomum sp. (7.3%), buffaloes were infected with fasciola sp. (17.7%) and paramphistomum sp. (10%), while sheep were infected with fasciola sp. (30%), d. dendriticum (5%) and paramphistomum sp. (4%). the three animal species were treated for par ...200616605115
salmonella in uncooked retail meats in new zealand.a national quantitative survey of salmonella in five types of uncooked retail meats in new zealand was undertaken from august 2003 to may 2005 to establish baseline proportionality data. the overall prevalence of salmonella in 1,108 meat samples was 1.1% (95% confidence interval, 0.6 to 1.9). low prevalences of salmonella in each meat type were observed, with 3% (1.2 to 6.1) in chicken, 1.3% (0.3 to 3.8) in lamb and mutton, 0.5% (0 to 3.0) in unweaned veal, 0.4% (0 to 2.4) in beef, and 0% (0 to ...200717612064
microbiological quality and related factors of sheep milk produced in farms of ne greece.sheep herds are a significant capital of dairy industry in greece, but as dairy farming becomes more complex and intense the need to provide assistance to dairy producers on milk quality is critical. in this study, the quality of raw milk produced in sheep farms of ne greece was surveyed and the role of various factors was explored. in total, 21 dairy ewe's farms from the regions of xanthi and evros, in the north-eastern greece were monitored. milk samples were sampled after the morning milking ...201121521656
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