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distribution of lyo- and desmo-glycogen in relation to growth and maturity of proglottids of moniezia benedeni.lyo- and desmo-glycogen were estimated in relation to growth and maturity of proglottids of a cestode, moniezia benedeni. total and lyo-glycogen show an increasing trend from immature to mature region (i.e., from region 1 to 6) and the increased level seen in the 6th region is maintained up to the 9th region with a fall in the 10th (gravid) region. these results indicate that mature proglottids store more carbohydrate than immature and gravid proglottids. desmo-glycogen showed no variation in di ...19853988161
parasite spectrum and seasonal epidemiology of gastrointestinal nematodes of small ruminants in the hundred and four post mortem examinations of randomly selected sheep (52) and goats (52) were carried out weekly from march 1990 to february 1991. gastrointestinal parasites were identified and counted. a large spectrum of 16 helminth species was found in 101 (97%) infected animals. the nematodes infecting small ruminants were, in order of predominance: trichostrongylus colubriformis (96% of all animals), oesophagostomum columbianum (82%), haemonchus contortus (67%), strongyloides papillosus ...19938249251
quantitative chromatographic determination of several benzimidazole anthelmintic molecules in parasite material.a specific, precise and accurate high-performance liquid chromatographic (hplc) analytical method has been developed for the quantitative determination of different benzimidazole (bzd) anthelmintics in parasite material (moniezia benedeni). mebendazole (mbz), oxibendazole (obz), flubendazole (flbz), albendazole (abz) ricobendazole (rbz), albendazole sulphone (abzso(2)), fenbendazole (fbz), oxfendazole (ofz) and fenbendazole sulphone (fbzso(2)) were measured simultaneously in m. benedeni, a sheep ...200314630366
integrated pharmacological assessment of flubendazole potential for use in sheep: disposition kinetics, liver metabolism and parasite diffusion ability.flubendazole (flbz) is a broad spectrum benzimidazole methylcarbamate anthelmintic widely used in poultry and swine. however, there is no information available on the pharmacological behaviour of flbz in ruminants. the work reported here was addressed to evaluate the potential of flbz for use in sheep. the integrated assessment included evaluation of flbz and metabolites plasma disposition kinetics, liver metabolism and ex vivo ability to diffuse into the cestode parasite moniezia benedeni. in a ...200415500567
drug transport mechanisms in helminth parasites: passive diffusion of benzimidazole anthelmintics.anthelmintic molecules must reach their receptors inside target parasites to exert the pharmacological effect. available data suggest that the main route of entry of antiparasitic drugs into helminth parasites would be through their external surface. however, it is unclear if trans-tegumental/cuticular penetration is the most important way of entry of benzimidazole (bzd) anthelmintics into their target parasites compared to oral ingestion. the relative involvement of active and passive transport ...200616430886
mixed infection with intestinal tape worms in a survey carried out during the period april 2001 to november 2002, the intestines of 3165 slaughtered sheep in the fars province of iran were examined for mixed infection with intestinal tape worms. four point sixty eight percent of animals were found to be infected with one or more than one species of tape worms. the identified species included: moniezia expansa, moniezia benedeni, thysaniezia giardi, avitellina centripunctata and stilesia globipunctata. of all 148 infected sheep, 104 anima ...200416493395
genetic markers to distinguish moniezia expansa from m. benedeni (cestoda: anoplocephalidae) and evidence of the existence of cryptic species in australia.multilocus enzyme electrophoresis (mee) was used to genetically compare moniezia spp. collected from sheep and cattle in southern australia. fifteen enzyme loci were established for the genetic characterisation of individual specimens of moniezia, which represents a significant increase in the number of loci that was previously available for these cestodes. another four enzyme loci were also identified as providing potential genetic markers. there were no differences in staining activity or band ...200717206509
studies on monieziasis of sheep i. prevalence and antihelminthic effects of some plant extracts, a light and electron microscopic study.out of 2,343 examined sheep throughout the whole year, 271 were found to be infected with tapeworms (11.5%). the highest infection rate (22.1%) was recorded in autumn, while the lowest (6%) occurred in summer. six species of cestodes were identified according to their prevalence: moniezia expansa (74%), moniezia denticulata (8.5%), moniezia benedeni (4.8%), moniezia trigonophora (2.7%), and thysaniezia giardi (2.7%), t. giardi was recorded in egypt for the first time. m. expansa was found throug ...201020865430
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