a comparison of the genome organization of capripoxvirus with that of the orthopoxviruses.comprehensive comparisons of genome organizations for poxviruses of different genera have not previously been reported. here we have made such a comparison by cross-hybridizing genome fragments from capripoxvirus ks-1 and vaccinia virus wr (vv). this showed that a 100- to 115-kilobase (kb) centrally placed section is essentially colinear in organization in the two viruses and that a small region has translocated between the ends of one or other of the genomes during their divergence. no cross-hy ...19892795717
[smallpox and smallpox virus--200 years since the first vaccination in norway].in december 1801, the first vaccination against smallpox in norway took place. vaccine material came from denmark, england, ireland, and other countries; it was also obtained from a few local cowpox cases. what mattered was the effect, not the origin. several reports indicate that variola virus itself, the cause of smallpox, was also used for human vaccination after passages through cows and horses. a vaccine institute for production of vaccine in calves was established in kristiania in 1891. co ...200111808015
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