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effect of ctenocephalides felis strongylus infestation on the performance of west african dwarf sheep and goats.a study of ctenocephalides felis strongylus and of its effect on the performance of sheep and goats was made. fleas showed more affinity for sheep than goats. there was a high concentration between lamb and kid mortality and the degree of flea infestation. the clinical effects of flea infestation are highlighted. the factors responsible for flea infestation and its control are discussed.19827112890
various hosts of ctenocephalides felis strongylus.infestation of exotic and indigenous breeds of cattle, sheep and goats with ctenocephalides felis strongylus in a dairy farm is reported. many of the fleas were engorged with fresh blood. traps set up in the pens caught two bush rats which were heavily infested with the same flea species, most of which were also engorged with fresh blood. it was suggested that the fleas might have been introduced into the pens by rodents such as bush rats.19827168133
mortality in calves, lambs and kids caused by severe infestation with the cat flea ctenocephalides felis felis (bouché, 1835) in israel.heavy infestation of calves, lambs and kids with the cat flea ctenocephalides felis felis (bouché, 1835), accompanied by severe anaemia and mortality, is described. lambs and kids were affected more severely than calves. flea infestation was more widespread in summer and autumn than in winter and spring. the clinical findings are discussed in the light of the pertinent literature.19892728326
involvement of dogs in plague epidemiology in tanzania. serological observations in domestic animals in lushoto district.venous blood was collected aseptically from clinically healthy domestic dogs, goats, sheep, cats and fowl in various plague-infected villages of lushoto district, tanzania, at the time when the disease was actively prevalent in the area. flea ectoparasites were collected from the animals, processed, identified and counted. serum samples were tested for specific plague antibodies, using the passive haemagglutination technique and checked by passive haemagglutination inhibition tests. altogether 3 ...19938248751
cloning and sequence analysis of the alpha subunit of the cat flea sodium pump.we have cloned a cdna that encodes the sodium pump alpha-subunit of the cat flea ctenocephalides felis. the deduced amino acid sequence of 1037 residues is 90% homologous with the drosophila alpha-subunit sequence and shows 75% similarity to the sheep kidney alpha-subunit. one characteristic unique to the insect polypeptides is an extended sequence at the n-terminus. northern blot analysis of c. felis rna detects two alpha-subunit transcripts with lengths of 3.8 and 4.4 kb. sodium pump alpha-sub ...19938397036
ctenocephalides felis flea infestation in horses.the horses were in two stables: in the first stable they were kept together with sheep and in the second stable they were kept together with goats. all horses in both stables were diagnosed as being infested with the cat flea ctenocephalides felis felis. foals were severely infested, whereas adult horses were only moderately infested.19968686179
an apparent flea-allergy dermatitis in kids and lambs.heavy infestation of lambs in two herds and kids in one herd with the cat flea, ctenocephalides felis felis, accompanied by severe anaemia, eosinophilia and exudative dermatitis, is described. flea infestation was more widespread during the summer months, when optimal climatic conditions for flea development prevail. the clinical and histological findings are discussed in the light of the pertinent literature. recovery of the affected animals and normalization of the haematological values were o ...19979360467
prevalence of vectors of the spotted fever group rickettsiae and murine typhus in a bedouin town in israel.a survey of the vectors of spotted fever group rickettsiae and of murine typhus was carried out in rahat, a bedouin town in the negev desert, where the diseases are endemic. houses with known cases of spotted fever group rickettsiae or murine typhus were compared with those without reported clinical cases. a neighboring jewish community, lehavim, where no cases of spotted fever group rickettsiae and murine typhus were reported in recent years, was used as a control. in the houses of patients wit ...200111372975
seasonal allergic dermatitis in sheep associated with ctenocephalides and culicoides bites.the clinical, epidemiological and histopathological findings of two pruritic dermatites in sheep in israel are described. the first type of dermatitis affected mainly young animals with lesions predominantly on the legs. it occurred from march to november, with a peak in june. the second type affected animals of all ages and was mainly on the ventrum. it was sporadic but occurred throughout the year with a peak in october. the morbidity rate of this syndrome reached 4.3% in one flock. the histop ...200415585013
biological, seasonal and environmental factors associated with pulex irritans infestation of dairy goats in greece.the objectives of the present study were to study the fauna of fleas infesting dairy goats in greece, the spectrum of hosts each flea species infests, identify risk factors in the environment, and goat management practices that favour flea infestation of goats, and describe the seasonal variation of infestation in goats. for this purpose, a total of 64 herds, with a history of flea infestation in goats, were visited during june and july of 2002 for data collection on flea burdens, species of fle ...200616414195
epidemiology of flea infestation of ruminants in libya.the results of an epidemiological and clinical study of flea infestations of farm animals in northern libya is reported. of 12,130 sheep examined from 124 flocks, 150 sheep were found to be infested with fleas from 50 different flocks. likewise 23 goats from 2981 examined, and 11 calves from 1124 cattle examined were infested no fleas were recovered from camels or horses. of 1861 fleas recovered from farm livestock, 1857 were ctenocephalides felis strongylus and 4 were pulex irritans. dogs from ...200616962246
ectoparasites of small ruminants in three selected agro-ecological sites of tigray region, ethiopia.a study on ectoparasites of small ruminants in three selected agro-ecological sites of tigray region, ethiopia disclosed an overall prevalence of 55.5% and 58% in each examined 750 sheep and goats, respectively. in the sheep population, melophagus ovinus (19.1%), tick infestations (16%), damalinia ovis (15.3%), linognathus africanus (11.5%), and ctenocephalides felis (9%) were the major ectoparasites. the major ectoparasites identified in goats were tick infestations (29.7%), l. africanus (27.9% ...201020369295
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