survey of keratinophilic and saprobic fungi in the cloven-hooves and horns of goats and sheep from egypt.seventy-six species belonging to 29 genera were collected from 320 samples of cloven-hooves and horns of goats and sheep. chrysosporium was the most common genus on the various substrates and comprehended the following species: c. asperatum, chrysosporium anamorph of arthroderma cuniculi, chrysosporium anamorph of arthroderma curreyi, c. georgii, c. indicum, c. keratinophilum, c. lobatum, c. lucknowense, c. pannicola, c. pseudomerdarium, c. queenslandicum, chrysosporium state of thielavia sepedo ...19902338621
occurrence and characterization of yeasts isolated from milks and dairy products of apulia hundred and five strains of yeasts isolated from milk of different animal origin and from typical apulian cheeses were studied to identify and characterize yeast strains for further selection as starter cultures for cheese production. the most prevalent isolates belonged to the species trichosporon cutaneum (15.24%), candida catenulata (10.48%) and yarrowia lipolytica (8.57%). in order to evaluate the potential use as starter cultures, the occurrence of some selected properties, such as ferm ...200111589554
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