novel fimbrial subunit genes of dichelobacter nodosus: recombination in vivo or in vitro?polymerase chain reaction (pcr) was used to amplify the variable region of the fimbrial subunit encoding gene (fima) of dichelobacter nodosus from sheep and goats infected with footrot. two amplimers (designated x and y) generated single-strand conformation polymorphism (sscp) patterns different to those of previously identified serogroups and serotypes. dna sequencing revealed that these two fragments were novel. the upstream of x (nt 1-183) was identical to serotype m1 while its downstream (nt ...200010946146
satellite-tagged transcribing sequences in bubalus bubalis genome undergo programmed modulation in meiocytes: possible implications for transcriptional inactivation.we cloned and sequenced a 1378 bp bamhi satellite dna fraction from the water buffalo bubalus bubalis and have studied its expression in different tissues. the gc-rich sequences of the resultant contig pds5 crosshybridize only with bovid dna and are not conserved evolutionarily. typing of buffalo genomic dna using pds5 with several restriction enzymes revealed multilocus monomorphic bands. similar typing of cattle, buffalo, goat, sheep, and gaur genomic dna revealed variations in copy number and ...200111747610
nitrotyrosine impairs angiogenesis and uncouples enos activity of pulmonary artery endothelial cells isolated from developing sheep lungs.infection is known to impair the growth of developing lungs. it is known that plasma free nitrotyrosine (nt) levels can reach 150 μm during sepsis. free nt incorporates into microtubules and impairs cell function. we hypothesize that free nt perturbs the angiogenic activity of pulmonary artery endothelial cells (paec) in developing lungs. paec from fetal lamb lungs were incubated with nt (1-100 μm). we examined the effects of nt on tube formation, cell proliferation, apoptosis, and α-tubulin ass ...201121057377
ontogeny of neurotensin in the fetal sheep.neurotensin (nt) is a regulatory peptide involved in the control of gastrointestinal function. we have used the chronically cannulated ovine fetus to examine the ontogeny of circulating nt-like immunoreactivity (ntli) in the fetus and neonatal lamb. in addition the placental transfer and clearance of nt has been determined. ntli in the ovine fetus circulates at adult concentrations during the third trimester of pregnancy and is of fetal origin. ntli is present in the fetal ileum, the richest sou ...19911797922
characterization of neurotensin(6-13) from an hepatic fibrolamellar carcinoma.neurotensin(6-13) has been isolated and sequenced as the major form of neurotensin-like immunoreactivity (ntli) in a human hepatic fibrolamellar carcinoma. circulating ntli in the patient, especially c-terminal, was very high. in additional studies, nt(6-13) was synthesized and compared with the purified tumor ntli by hplc analysis and by testing stability in plasma in vitro. these methods confirmed that the tumor ntli was identical to nt(6-13). since the metabolic clearance rate of synthetic nt ...19911664950
organ and plasma metabolism of neurotensin in sheep.the metabolism of neurotensin (nt) across specific vascular beds of conscious sheep and the stability of nt in plasma have been quantitated. the nature of the metabolites has been characterized with region-specific antiserums and chromatography. nt-(1-13) was infused at 200 pmol x kg-1 x h-1 for 60 min into nine ewes, and blood samples were taken via cannulas in the aorta, pulmonary artery, portal vein, hepatic vein, renal vein, and jugular vein. two antiserums, one directed towards the n-termin ...19836638173
biological potency of neurotensin metabolites in vivo: importance of alcohol 'fixation' of blood.neurotensin (nt), a 13-amino acid peptide, is released from the ileum following a meal. it is metabolized principally by the kidney and in the circulation to n-terminal fragments and apparently rapidly degraded c-terminal fragments. the present study was designed to compare the biological activity (plasma pancreatic polypeptide response) and the clearance kinetics of nt(1-13), the n-terminal fragment nt(1-11) and the c-terminal fragment nt(8-13). to measure accurately the circulating concentrati ...19892491208
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