evaluation of salmonella occurrence in domestic animals and humans in north dakota (2000-2005).to evaluate the occurrence, serotypes, and antimicrobial susceptibility of salmonellae from domestic animals and humans in north dakota.200718041964
geographical and temporal dissemination of salmonellae isolated from domestic animal hosts in the culiacan valley, mexico.the prevalence and diversity of salmonellae from domestic animal hosts were investigated in the culiacan valley, mexico. a total of 240 farm animal feces (cows, chicken, and sheep) were evaluated for salmonella spp. presence from july 2008 to june 2009. salmonella enterica subsp. enterica strains were isolated from 76 samples (31.7%), and 20 serotypes were identified being salmonella oranienburg (25%), salmonella give (14%), salmonella saintpaul (12%), and salmonella minnesota (11%) the most fre ...201121274525
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