crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus: genetic analysis and tick survey in turkey.crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus (cchfv) is a tick-borne virus in the family bunyaviridae, genus nairovirus. the virus is transmitted to humans through infected tick bites or from direct contact with viremic animals or humans. in the present study, a total of 1,015 adult ticks were collected from cattle (603 specimens), sheep (17 specimens), and goats (395 specimens) in the kelkit valley in turkey. four tick species were recognized on the animals in the surveyed region. the most abundant sp ...200617088370
tick-borne rickettsioses, neglected emerging diseases in rural senegal.rickettsioses are one of the most important causes of systemic febrile illness among travelers from developed countries, but little is known about their incidence in indigenous populations, especially in west africa.201020856858
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