alkhumra virus infection, a new viral hemorrhagic fever in saudi arabia.four patients with typical acute viral hemorrhagic fever were identified in the holy city of makkah, saudi arabia, between 8 and 23 february 2001, the hajj (pilgrimage) period of that year. tests for rift valley fever (rvf), crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever (cchf), and dengue were negative. blood specimens were sent to the centres for disease control and prevention (cdc), atlanta for viral culture and testing for other hemorrhagic fever viruses. a new flavivirus closely related to the tick-borne ...200516038757
genetic characterization of tick-borne flaviviruses: new insights into evolution, pathogenetic determinants and, we analyze the complete coding sequences of all recognized tick-borne flavivirus species, including gadgets gully, royal farm and karshi virus, seabird-associated flaviviruses, kadam virus and previously uncharacterized isolates of kyasanur forest disease virus and omsk hemorrhagic fever virus. significant taxonomic improvements are proposed, e.g. the identification of three major groups (mammalian, seabird and kadam tick-borne flavivirus groups), the creation of a new species (karshi viru ...200717169393
dermacentor reticulatus: a vector on the rise.dermacentor reticulatus is a hard tick species with extraordinary biological features. it has a high reproduction rate, a rapid developmental cycle, and is also able to overcome years of unfavourable conditions. dermacentor reticulatus can survive under water for several months and is cold-hardy even compared to other tick species. it has a wide host range: over 60 different wild and domesticated hosts are known for the three active developmental stages. its high adaptiveness gives an edge to th ...201627251148
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