characterization of a new adenovirus isolated from black-tailed deer in adenovirus associated with systemic and localized vascular damage was demonstrated by transmission electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry in a newly recognized epizootic hemorrhagic disease in california black-tailed deer. in this study, we describe the cultural, physicochemical and serological characteristics of a virus isolated from lung using neonatal white-tail deer lung and turbinate cell cultures. the virus had the cultural, morphological and physicochemical characteristics of mem ...200111504424
serologic and hexon phylogenetic analysis of ruminant adenoviruses.the objectives of this study were to determine the antigenic relationship among ruminant adenoviruses and determine their phylogenetic relationship based on the deduced hexon gene amino acid sequence. results of reciprocal cross-neutralization tests demonstrated antigenic relationships in either one or both directions among bovine adenovirus type 6 (badv-6), badv-7, ovine adenovirus type 7 (oadv-7), caprine adenovirus type 1 (gadv-1), and deer adenovirus (odocoileus adenovirus 1, odadv-1). no an ...200818340400
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