toxin production by pasteurella granulomatis.pasteurella granulomatis (pg) is a recently identified bacterium associated with proliferative fibrogranulomatous panniculitis (also called "lechiguana") in brazilian cattle. recent attempts to experimentally reproduce this disease have only been partially successful. we hypothesized that pg may produce hemolysin(s) and/or cytotoxin(s) which could contribute to its pathogenicity in susceptible cattle. the objective of this study was to determine the presence and degree of hemolytic and leukotoxi ...19989668517
phenotypic characterisation of australian sheep and cattle isolates of mannheimia haemolytica, mannheimia granulomatis and mannheimia perform a comprehensive phenotypic characterisation of 35 isolates of bacteria previously identified as haemolytic pasteurella-actinobacillus and obtained from cattle and sheep.200212180887
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