occurrence of yersinia spp. in raw beef, pork and hundred and twenty raw ground beef, pork and chicken samples from ten local grocery stores during a one year period were assayed for the presence of yersinia spp., using direct and postenrichment koh treatment. seven thousand and fifty-five different isolates were recovered from 119 (99%) samples of beef and pork and 118 (98%) samples of chicken, including 27 yersinia enterocolitica serotype 03 biotype 3b phage type 2 (4 pork samples), 4 y. enterocolitica serotype 03 biotype 4 phage type 8 ( ...19873113096
[presence of yersinia enterocolitica in raw cow's milk].studied were a total of 286 samples of raw milk from 12 dairy farms for the presence of yersinia enterocolitica. various methods and nutrient media were tested for the successful isolation of this organism. it was found that 11.89 per cent, on an average, of the investigated samples contained y. enterocolitica. the positive samples on the individual farms varied from 0 to 33.33 per cent. best results were obtained with the use of the phosphate buffer physiologic saline and rappaport's modified b ...19853887747
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