effects of endophyte status of tall fescue tissues on the earthworm (eisenia fetida).a cryptic fungal endophyte, neotyphodium coenophialum, infects most tall fescue (festuca arundinacea) pastures in the united states. cattle, sheep, and horses that consume the endophyte-infected grass can suffer fescue toxicosis caused by toxic alkaloids in the infected plants. the effects of the endophyte on mammalian herbivores have been well documented, but less is known regarding the quality of the grass (infected vs noninfected) as a food material for soil invertebrates. we conducted 21-d t ...200111392146
alkaloid toxins in endophyte-infected grasses.grasses infected with clavicipitaceous fungi have been associated with a variety of diseases including classical ergotism in humans and animals, fescue foot and summer syndrome in cattle, and rye-grass staggers in sheep. during the last decade it has been recognized that many of these fungal infections are endophytic; a fungal endophyte is a fungus that grows entirely within the host plant. inspection of field collections and herbarium specimens has revealed that such infections are widespread i ...19921344917
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