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adherence and penetration of vascular endothelium by candida yeasts.metastatic infection after hematogenous dissemination of candida species is presumably dependent on the fungus traversing the vascular endothelium. an in vitro model of the earliest events of metastatic candida infection was developed with whole vascular strips. freshly obtained porcine blood vessels were secured in a perforated lucite template that allowed the application of yeasts directly to the endothelial surface. multiple wells allowed experimental and control observations on the same vasc ...19836352500
antimycotic efficacy of bifonazole in vitro and in vivo.the new imadozolyl derivative 1-(p, alpha-diphenyl-benzyl)imidazole (bifonazole, bay h 4502, mycospor) shows in vitro the broad spectrum of activity characteristic of azole antimycotics. the intensity of activity under conventional test conditions is equivalent to that of clotrimazole. further, concentrations of less than or equal to 5 micrograms/ml bifonazole have a fungicidal effect on dermatophytes, and a mic value of less than or equal to 0.25 micrograms/ml has a maximal effect on torulopsis ...19836683530
preulcerative changes to the pars oesophagea associated with torulopsis glabrata infection in a weaned pig. 19892818364
glycan microarray analysis of candida glabrata adhesin ligand specificity.the candida glabrata genome encodes at least 23 members of the epa (epithelial adhesin) family responsible for mediating adherence to host cells. to better understand the mechanism by which the epa proteins contribute to pathogenesis, we have used glycan microarray analysis to characterize their carbohydrate-binding specificities. using saccharomyces cerevisiae strains surface-expressing the n-terminal ligand-binding domain of the epa proteins, we found that the three epa family members function ...200818394144
biological diversity of yeasts in the gastrointestinal tract of weaned piglets kept under different farm conditions.the study was conducted to determine yeasts present in the gastrointestinal tract (git) of piglets kept under experimental farm (ef) and commercial farm (cf) conditions. ninety five german landrace full- and half-sibling piglets were sacrificed at 39 days of age. sixty eight piglets were weaned at 28th day of life, when they were offered one diet ad libitum. twenty seven piglets remained unweaned by their dams. none of the piglets received any creep feed before weaning. digesta samples were coll ...200819054135
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