isolation and serotyping of porcine rotaviruses and antigenic comparison with other rotavirus strains were isolated in cell cultures from the intestinal contents of piglets with diarrhea. ma104 cells with pancreatin in the cell culture medium was the host system of choice for virus isolation and replication. a cell culture immunofluorescence test in which ma104 cells were used in microtiter plates was very effective for detecting and assaying rotaviruses. a plaque reduction neutralization test, cross-protection studies in gnotobiotic pigs, and electrophoresis of rotaviral ...19846321541
new porcine rotavirus serotype antigenically related to human rotavirus serotype 3.serotyping of porcine rotaviruses isolated in ma104 cells from australian piglets with diarrhea showed that two strains belonged to serotype 3 and one strain was antigenically similar to the osu strain of porcine rotavirus (serotype 5). in addition, neutralizing antibodies to human rotavirus serotype 4 (st-3 strain) were detected in serum samples from sows in one area, and so it seems probable that porcine rotaviruses of at least three serotypes occur in australia.19882830302
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