protein g-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for anti-mpb70 antibodies in bovine tuberculosis.mpb70 is a highly species specific protein which is secreted from mycobacterium bovis during culture. to investigate whether antibodies against mpb70 can be used as an indicator of infection with m. bovis, an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was developed, based on the use of biotinylated protein g, to provide a common indicator for antibody formation in different species. during experimental infection with m. bovis in cattle, a characteristic pattern of anti-mpb70 antibody production was obser ...19902191012
determination of albumin in caprine serum.dye-binding techniques using bromocresol green (bcg) and bromocresol purple (bcp) were compared with cellulose acetate electrophoresis for the determination of caprine serum albumin. when a caprine standard was used the electrophoretic values showed little difference from those obtained with bcg. however, when a bovine standard or bcp were used, there were differences. bias was detected between the values determined with bovine and caprine albumin standards owing to the different absorbances of ...19863764106
immunodiagnosis of human melanoma: characterization of human melanoma antigens and their detection in sera of melanoma patients by radioimmunoassay.double antibody radioimmunoassay (ria), using radioiodinated melanoma-associated antigens (maa), rabbit antiserum raised against 3 m kcl extract of human melanoma (ahms) and goat antirabbit igg antibody, was employed for the detection of maa in tumors as well as in sera of melanoma patients. maa were partially purified from crude kcl extract of melanoma tissue by affinity column chromatography using ahms and concanavalin a. a high content of maa was detected in all but one melanoma extract, whil ...19826173826
the epidemiology of mycobacterium bovis infections in animals and man: a review.tuberculosis is primarily a respiratory disease and transmission of infection within and between species is mainly by the airborne route. mycobacterium bovis, the cause of bovine-type tuberculosis, has an exceptionally wide host range. susceptible species include cattle, humans, non-human primates, goats, cats dogs, pigs, buffalo, badgers, possums, deer and bison. many susceptible species, including man, are spillover hosts in which infection is not self-maintaining. in countries where there is ...19957579326
characterization of a specific mycobacterium paratuberculosis recombinant clone expressing 35,000-molecular-weight antigen and reactivity with sera from animals with clinical and subclinical johne's disease.johne's disease is a chronic enteritis of ruminants associated with enormous worldwide economic losses for the dairy cow- and goat-rearing industries. management limitations and eradication programs for this disease have been hampered by the lack of a simple and specific diagnostic test for the detection of subclinical cases. we used a recombinant clone expressing a 35,000-molecular-weight mycobacterium paratuberculosis antigen (p35 antigen) from a previously constructed expression library of m. ...19979196196
effect of pasteurization on survival of mycobacterium paratuberculosis in milk.mycobacterium paratuberculosis (mptb) is the causative agent of johne's disease of ruminant animals including cattle, goats, and sheep. it has been suggested that this organism is associated with crohn's disease in humans, and milk is a potential source of human exposure to this organism. a total of 18, including 7 regular batch and 11 high temperature short time (htst) pasteurization experiments, were conducted in this study. raw milk or ultra-high temperature pasteurized milk samples were spik ...200212512593
ruti: a new chance to shorten the treatment of latent tuberculosis infection.treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (ltbi) requires a long period of chemotherapy (9 months), which makes treatment-compliance extremely difficult. current knowledge of latent bacilli and of the lesions with which they are associated suggests that these bacilli survive in granulomas with a central necrotic core and an outermost layer of foamy macrophages (fm) that represent an important immunosuppressive barrier. the presence of fm, which is especially strong in mice, explains not only th ...200616545981
direct binding of human nk cell natural cytotoxicity receptor nkp44 to the surfaces of mycobacteria and other bacteria.our previous studies demonstrated that mycobacterium bovis bacillus calmette-guérin (bcg) can directly interact with human nk cells and induce the proliferation, gamma interferon production, and cytotoxic activity of such cells without the need for accessory cells. thus, the aim of the present study was to identify the putative receptor(s) responsible for the recognition of bcg by human nk cells and potentially involved in the activation of nk cells. to this end, we first investigated the surfac ...200818212080
polymorphisms of myostatin gene (mstn) in four goat breeds and their effects on boer goat growth performance.polymorphisms of myostatin (mstn) gene were investigated as a candidate marker for goat growth in 687 individuals by gene sequencing and polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism methods. three potential genotypes (aa, ab and bb) of 5-ábp indel (1,256 tttta/-) in 5'utr were detected in four breeds. the polymorphism (cc, cd and dd) of substitution (1,388 t/a) in exon 1 was only segregating in boer. genotype ab resulted in significant increases in body weights at birth (bw ...201121710248
bovigam: an in vitro cellular diagnostic test for bovine tuberculosis.bovigam which is based on the detection of gamma interferon (ifn- gamma) is a rapid, laboratory assay of a cell mediated immune response that may be used for the detection of tuberculosis (tb) infection in animals. whole blood is first incubated overnight with bovine ppd, avian ppd or negative control antigens, and ifn- gamma in the supernatant plasma is then measured by eia. tb infection is indicated by a predominant ifn- gamma response to bovine ppd. since 1988, bovigam has been extensively tr ...200111463236
specific differentiation between mycobacterium bovis bcg and virulent strains of the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex.a pcr procedure based on the intergenic region (ir) separating two genes encoding a recently identified mycobacterial two-component system, named senx3-regx3, was developed and was shown to be suitable for identifying mycobacterium bovis bcg. the senx3-regx3 ir contains a novel type of repetitive sequence, called mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units (mirus). all tested bcg strains exclusively contained 77-bp mirus within the senx3-regx3 ir, whereas all non-bcg m. tuberculosis complex stra ...19989705376
differential handling of bacterial antigens in macrophages infected with mycobacterium leprae as studied by immunogold labeling of ultrathin sections.mycobacterium leprae were purified from the livers of experimentally infected armadillos, and the purity of the bacterial preparation was established by electron microscopy, immunoelectrophoresis of purified bacilli with rabbit serum raised against liver tissues from a noninfected armadillo, and gas chromatography. such purified and intact bacilli were fixed and embedded by a gelatin-lowicryl method for electron microscopy which preserved the mycobacterial antigens. ultrathin sections were label ...19912071985
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