chitin content and chitin synthase activity as indicators of the growth of three different anaerobic rumen fungi.growth of three different anaerobic rumen fungi neocallimastix frontalis, piromonas communis and sphaeromonas communis was assessed in vitro at regular intervals by measurements of protein and chitin content and of chitin synthase activity of the cell free extracts. similar trends and a comparable amount of protein and chitin were observed in the three species. however, chitin synthase activity was higher in s. communis and contrary to the activity of the other two strains did not decrease after ...19911855652
glycoside hydrolase production by an anaerobic rumen fungus caecomyces communis.the ruminal fungus caecomyces communis was grown anaerobically either in a discontinuous cultivation system or in a fermentor with daily withdrawal and addition of fresh medium. lowe and orpin media were tested. the best culture conditions for glycoside hydrolase production were obtained in lowe medium with daily fresh medium addition, whereas the orpin medium with ruminal fluid was favourable to fungal growth and to the enzyme export process. among glycoside hydrolases assessed in both culture ...19979765806
molecular characterization of xyn3, a member of the endoxylanase multigene family of the rumen anaerobic fungus neocallimastix frontalis.different cdnas designated xyn3 and xyn4 were isolated from an expression library of the anaerobic rumen fungus neocallimastix frontalis. xyn3 was further characterized and was shown to contain a single open reading frame of 1821 bp coding for a protein, xyn3, of 607 amino acids (mr 66 000). the predicted primary structure of xyn3 consisted of two large reiterated regions of 223 amino acids with a high degree of identity (88.3%). each domain of xyn3, xyn3a and xyn3b, showed significant homology ...19968939815
effect of eubacterium limosum, a ruminal hydrogenotrophic bacterium, on the degradation and fermentation of cellulose by 3 species of rumen anaerobic fungi.the degradation and fermentation of cellulose filter paper were studied in axenic cultures of 3 species of rumen anaerobic fungi, neocallimastix frontalis, piromyces communis and caecomyces communis, and in cocultures containing 1 of these fungal strains and eubacterium limosum, a hydrogenotrophic rumen bacterial species. when e limosum was introduced into fungal cultures a slight decrease in fungal cellulolytic activity was observed. the end products of the fermentation of cellulose found in th ...19938142039
location by fluorescence microscopy of glycosidases and a xylanase in the anaerobic gut fungi caecomyces communis, neocallimastix frontalis, and piromyces rhizinflata.beta-d-glucosidase, beta-d-fucosidase, beta-d-xylosidase, and beta-d-cellobiopyranosidase activities in caecomyces communis, neocallimastix frontalis, and piromyces rhizinflata, located with fluorescent conjugates, occur throughout the whole thallus as from zoospore germination and disappear before sporulation. beta-d-galactosidase and alpha-l-arabinopyranosidase activities are low or nonexistent. a xylanase, detected by indirect immunofluorescence, was observed at the surface of the vegetative ...19957549768
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