cestode vaccines.studies over the past 20 years have clearly shown the potential for developing vaccines against larval cestode infections of man and animals. the important larval cestode infections of man (echinococcus granulosus--hydatidosis: taenia solium--cysticercosis) involve domesticated animals as intermediate hosts in their natural life-cycles. these animals develop strong immunity against reinfection, and immunity can be artificially induced by vaccination with oncosphere antigens. a major stumbling bl ...19911822908
activated macrophages in highly irradiated cercariae-induced immunity to schistosoma japonicum in rats.the results of studies on the schistosomulicidal activity of activated peritoneal and alveolar macrophages (pm phi and am phi) from rats immunized with highly irradiated (50 krad.) schistosoma japonicum cercariae are reported. the authors have examined the activation of these macrophages in terms of spreading, adhesion and ingestion of sheep erythrocytes and pinocytosis of horse-radish peroxidase. using three criteria, peritoneal macrophages and alveolar macrophages from immunized rats and from ...19911903881
vaccination against ovine cysticercosis using a defined recombinant antigen.cysticercosis caused by larval tapeworms is a major public health problem and a cause of substantial economic losses in the farm-animal industries. taenia ovis in sheep is a particularly important example. immunity to reinfection with the larvae has a central role in regulating natural transmission of the parasites, and vaccination with antigens from the early larval oncosphere stage can induce complete protection against infection. as it is impractical to obtain enough oncospheres for a commerc ...19892648160
characteristics of the anti-sheep red blood cell heterophile antibodies produced during schistosoma japonicum infection in mice.heterophile antibodies (ab) against sheep red blood cells were shown to have developed in mice experimentally infected with schistosoma japonicum (sj). incidence of the elevated ab levels was markedly high in the period of 6-10 weeks following infection. by means of absorption tests, the heterophile ab could be distinguished from classical human heterophile ab of paul-bunnell, hanganutzui-deicher, and forssman types. antigen(s) cross-reactive with the heterophile ab was found only in goat red bl ...19853917982
the presence of anti-sheep red blood cell heterophile antibodies and their characteristics in murine schistosomiasis japonica.sensitive methods of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) using red blood cells (rbc) have been developed and were applied to the detection of anti-sheep red blood cell (srbc) heterophile antibodies (ab) present in sera of schistosoma japonicum (sj)-infected mice. the indirect hemagglutination test (iha) was used for the purpose as well. by these methods a significant increase in the heterophile ab levels was demonstrated in the mice particularly after 6-10 weeks of infection. the hetero ...19846394971
thymocytotoxic autoantibodies found in mice infected with schistosoma japonicum.thymocytotoxic autoantibodies were demonstrated in sera of c3h/hejms, c57bl/6j, and ddy mice infected with 50 cercariae of schistosoma japonicum, using c57bl/6j thymocytes as target cells in the trypan blue dye exclusion test. kinetic study revealed that thymocytotoxic activity began to increase at week 6 of infection, reached a maximum at 8 weeks, and thereafter decreased gradually. thymocytotoxic antibodies had an optimal reactivity at 4 degrees c and were sensitive to 2-mercaptoethanol treatm ...19816972913
evaluation of defined antigen vaccines against schistosoma bovis and s. japonicum in bovines.our objective is to contribute to the development of defined antigen vaccines for schistosomiasis by evaluating the protective efficacy of schistosoma bovis and s. japonicum antigens in their natural bovine hosts. antigens under evaluation include some already identified as vaccine candidates: glutathione s-transferases (gsts); klh, which shares protective epitopes with the protective antigen gp38 of s. mansoni; and sj23, the analogue of the vaccine candidate sm23 antigen. in another approach, s ...19947825230
schistosoma japonicum soluble egg antigens activate naive b cells to produce antibodies: definition of parasite mechanisms of immune deviation.this study analysed the effect of schistosoma japonicum egg antigens (sea) on the activation of lymphocytes from naive mice. t cells were found to be unaffected by sea. b cells, however, were activated by sea without participation of adherent cells such as macrophages. b-cell activating factor(s) in sea were distributed into a fraction of m(r) 120,000 and a fraction of m(r) 650,000 by gel filtration. however, a fraction of m(r) 120,000 demonstrated the presence of a limited number of components ...19938344698
vaccination of sheep against schistosoma japonicum with either glutathione s-transferase, keyhole limpet haemocyanin or the freeze/thaw schistosomula/bcg vaccine.the protective potential of glutathione s-transferase (gst), keyhole limpet haemocyanin (klh) and the freeze/thaw (f/t) schistosomula/bcg vaccine was evaluated against schistosoma japonicum in the natural sheep host. groups of ten sheep each were vaccinated as follows: group i: 2 x f/t 30,000 schistosomula+bcg 3 x 10(8) organisms, with a 2 week interval between vaccinations (f/t 'low'). group ii: 3 x f/t 20,000 schistosomula+bcg 3 x 10(8), with 4 week interval (f/t 'high'). group iii: 2 x gst 0. ...19958533269
crystallization, structural determination and analysis of a novel parasite vaccine candidate: fasciola hepatica glutathione s-transferase.glutathione s-transferases (gsts) represent the major class of detoxifying enzymes from parasitic helminths. as a result, they are candidates for chemotherapeutic and vaccine design. indeed, gsts from fasciola hepatica have been found to be effective for vaccinating sheep and cattle against fasciolosis. this helminth contains at least seven gst isoforms, of which four have been cloned. the cloned isoforms (fh51, fh47, fh7 and fh1) all belong to the mu class of gsts, share greater than 71% sequen ...19979367777
production and testing of schistosoma japonicum candidate vaccine antigens in the natural ovine host.the objectives of this work were to clone and express chinese strain schistosoma japonicum antigens and evaluate their immunogenicity and protective efficacy in the natural ovine host in china. recombinant antigens selected for testing were: isoforms of glutathione s-transferase sj28gst and sj26gst; the large hydrophilic domain of sj23, the homologue of the protective s. mansoni membrane antigen sm23; and a 3' fragment of s. japonicum paramyosin. in addition, chinese strain s. japonicum native p ...19989682393
laboratory and field evaluation of schistosoma japonicum dna vaccines in sheep and water buffalo in china.vaccines are needed to control zoonotic schistosoma japonicum infection and several vaccine candidates have now been identified. two of these (sj28gst and sj23) have shown particular promise in sheep when injected with freund's adjuvants. the objective of the present work was to find a vaccine formulation which may have potential for widespread use in the field. dna vaccine formulations of these antigens were produced and tested first in sheep under laboratory conditions and then in both the lab ...200111672910
congenital infection with schistosoma japonicum but not with schistosoma bovis in sheep.the present study investigated whether schistosoma japonicum or schistosoma bois could establish prenatally in lambs. three ewes were exposed to s. japonicum by intramuscular injection of cercariae, and 3 ewes were exposed to s. bovis cercariae using the leg-emerging technique approximately 2 mo before delivery, and 1 age-matched pregnant ewe served as an uninfected control. the study lasted 18-20 wk after infection, which was 8-9 wk after delivery. all 6 exposed ewes became infected with either ...200212054026
the protective effect of a schistosoma japonicum chinese strain 23 kda plasmid dna vaccine in pigs is enhanced with il-12.the schistosome integral membrane protein sm/sj23 was initially shown to induce protection in mice as a synthetic peptide vaccine and further, as a plasmid dna vaccine to induce protection in mice, sheep and water buffalo. in this study we asked if we could induce protection against challenge infection in pigs against schistosoma japonicum by vaccinating them with a plasmid dna vaccine encoding the s. japonicum chinese strain 23 kda membrane protein. further, we asked if we could enhance protect ...200415519710
gene cloning, expression and vaccine testing of schistosoma japonicum sjfabp.a 600 bp dna fragment was amplified by pcr from an adult schistosoma japonicum cdna library. sequence analysis confirmed that this fragment contained an s. japonicum chinese mainland strain fatty acid binding protein (sj14fabp) gene. this gene was subsequently expressed in escherichia coli (e. coli) and in baculovirus/silkworm systems. the recombinant protein from e. coli was a 41 kda gst fusion protein (rsj14/gst), which could be purified by glutathione agarose affinity chromatography, with a y ...200415679632
aspartic protease activities of schistosomes cleave mammalian hemoglobins in a host-specific manner.we examined the efficiency of digestion of hemoglobin from four mammalian species, human, cow, sheep, and horse by acidic extracts of mixed sex adults of schistosoma japonicum and s. mansoni. activity ascribable to aspartic protease(s) from s. japonicum and s. mansoni cleaved human hemoglobin. in addition, aspartic protease activities from s. japonicum cleaved hemoglobin from bovine, sheep, and horse blood more efficiently than did the activity from extracts of s. mansoni. these findings support ...200717294005
[application of magnetic particle antibody immunoassay in detection of anti-schistosoma japonicum egg antibody].to establish a magnetic particle antibody immunoassay (mpaia) for the detection of specific antibody in sera of schistosomiasis patients.200919852363
[evaluation of schistosomiasis control effect of buffalo removal in anxiang county].to evaluate the effect of a comprehensive schistosomiasis control strategy based on buffalo removal in a lake and marshland region.201122263506
development and immunogenicity of a recombinant pseudorabies virus expressing sj26gst and sjfabp from schistosoma japonicum.recombinant pseudorabies virus (prv) bartha-k61 vaccine strains expressing schistosoma japonicum 26kda glutathione s-transferase (sj26gst) and fatty acid binding protein (sjfabp), designated as rprv/sj26gst, rprv/sjfabp and rprv/sj26gst-sjfabp, were constructed and evaluated for their ability to protect mice and sheep against s. japonicum challenge. animals were given 2 intramuscular immunizations 3 weeks apart, and challenged with s. japonicum cercariae 4 weeks later. all mice vaccinated with r ...201020561603
identification of immunodominant th1-type t cell epitopes from schistosoma japonicum 28 kda glutathione-s-transferase, a vaccine candidate.th1-type cytokines produced by the stimulation of th1-type epitopes derived from defined schistosome-associated antigens are correlated with the development of resistance to the parasite infection. schistosoma mansoni 28 kda glutathione-s-transferase (sm28gst), a major detoxification enzyme, has been recognized as a vaccine candidate and a phase ii clinical trial has been carried out. sheep immunized with recombinant schistosoma japonicum 28gst (sj28gst) have shown immune protection against the ...200516270154
comparative study on rapid dot-immunogold staining and two immunogold silver staining assays for diagnosing schistosomiasis japonica.a fast, specific, sensitive, convenient, and economical rapid-dot-immunogold staining (r-dot-igs) assay was used to detect serum antibodies in patients infected with schistosoma japonicum. the soluble egg antigen of schistosoma japonicum was added onto microspore membrane. after pre-reacting and blocking, the serum to be detected and sheep anti-human igg labeled with chloroauric acid were added sequentially. the assay took 15 minutes. for comparison, the dot-immunogold silver staining (dot-igss) ...200515906646
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