[diagnosis of sarcocystosis in sheep using the indirect fluorescence test and elisa].the indirect fluorescent antibody test (ifat) was compared with the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for the detection of specific antibodies to sarcocystis sp. a set of 275 ovine blood samples was examined by both reactions. cystozoites of sarcocystis gigantea were used as the corpuscular antigen for the ifat. for the diagnostics of sarcocystosis by the elisa technique used the sandwich test of the antibody titration with a soluble antigen which was also prepared from s. gigantea macro ...19921641936
ultrastructure of the cyst and life cycle of sarcocystis sp. from wild sheep (ovis musimon).sarcocystis sp. (eimeriina: sarcocystidae) is described as a heteroxenous coccidian with domestic dogs as an experimental definitive host and wild sheep (ovis musimon) as natural intermediate hosts. mature sarcocysts of this sarcocystis sp. were examined by transmission electron microscopy. sarcocysts in various muscle tissues were microscopic, had a thin primary cyst wall and septa and measured 81.0 x 30.5 microns. the cysts were located within muscle cells and were limited by a primary cyst wa ...19911906112
placental transfer of specific antibodies during ovine congenital toxoplasmosis.the passage of non-toxoplasma antibodies from dam to fetus through damaged placenta was studied in sheep inoculated with toxoplasma gondii. six ewes were inoculated with chicken globulins and leptospira bacterins 2 months before oral inoculation with toxoplasma gondii oocysts. ewes were euthanatized between 42 and 62 days after t gondii inoculation. antibody titers against chicken globulins, leptospira spp, haemonchus contortus, sarcocystis spp, and t gondii were measured in the maternal and fet ...19873105371
prevalence of sarcocystis cysts in pigs and sheep in spain.samples of serum and diaphragm muscle were collected from 100 pigs, and serum samples and oesophagi were collected from 100 sheep. the diaphragm muscle and oesophageal tissues were examined for the presence of macroscopic and microscopic sarcocystis cysts by compression between trichinoscope plates as well as by tissue digestion with pepsin solution. the sera were examined by the indirect haemagglutination test (iha), using antigens from sarcocystis gigantea. with these methods, 95% of the sheep ...19883130717
experimental transmission of a sarcosporidian from alpine ibex to domestic sheep and goats.sporocysts of sarcocystis sp. from dogs fed with ibex meat were orally inoculated into kids and lambs. three kids, given 4 x 10(6) and 4 x 10(4) sporocysts, respectively, died from acute sarcocystosis. schizonts, though found in all the tissues of these kids, were particularly numerous in the kidneys, brain and spinal cord. another three kids inoculated with 5 x 10(3) sporocysts and two lambs, inoculated with 1 x 10(6) and 5 x 10(3) sporocysts, respectively, showed no clinical signs and were sac ...19883152281
electron microscope study of merogony preceding cyst formation of sarcocystis sp. in roe deer (capreolus capreolus).precystic merogony of sarcocystis sp. was studied in roe deer fawns 33, 45, and 49 days postinoculation (pi) with 2 x 10(4)-10(5) sporocysts recovered from dogs. single merozoites, but no meronts, were found 33 days pi in liver, spleen, and lymph nodes. transforming merozoites and meronts were found in myofibroblasts, satellite cells, and endothelial cells of muscle tissue on 45 and 49 days pi; they were surrounded by two membranes. typical coccidian merozoites differentiated simultaneously arou ...19836414194
indirect haemagglutination reaction with antigen of sarcocystis gigantea (railliet, 1886) ashford, 1977.the water extract from cryolyzed whole muscle cysts of sarcocystis gigantea from sheep, in spite of the high lectin content, is a suitable antigen for the detection of specific antibodies by means of indirect haemagglutination reaction (iha). the agglutinating effect of lectin from parasitic cysts can be eliminated with a 0.5% concentration of lactose dissolved in all solutions used for iha. in sera of slaughterhouse sheep, positive titres ranging from 1:80 to 1:1 280 were registered. positive r ...19836414913
sarcocystis spp. in white-tailed deer. i. definitive and intermediate host spectrum with a description of sarcocystis odocoileocanis n. sp.sporocysts containing four sporozoites and measuring (avg.) 15.2 micrometers x 10.7 micrometers (n = 195) were shed in the feces of dogs (canis familiaris) 8 to 16 days (avg. 11.6 days) after the first feeding of venison infected with sarcocystis sp. sporocysts containing four sporozoites and measuring (avg.) 11.5 micrometers x 8.1 micrometers (n = 35) were shed by a cat (felis catus) 14 days after ingesting sarcocystis-infected venison. statistical (pooled t-test) comparison of the mean measure ...19816802990
serologic responses of cattle and other animals infected with neospora examine cross-reactivity among neospora caninum and closely-related apicomplexans.19968669764
antelopes (bovidae) kept in european zoological gardens as intermediate hosts of sarcocystis species.four different forms of sarcocysts from the zoo-kept antelopes addax nasomaculatus. antilope cervicapra, taurotragus oryx and boselaphus tragocamelus (bovidae) were investigated by light and transmission electron microscopy, in special consideration of the cyst wall. the sarcocysts found in addax (born in a zoo) were not distinguishable from sarcocystis medusiformis of australasian sheep by their morphology and would be the first indication for the occurrence of this species in europe. sarcocyst ...19969257346
internal parasites of free-ranging guanacos from the winter of 2000, a greater than 80% reduction in the guanaco population located in cabo dos bahi;as wildlife reserve, chubut, argentina, was evident due to massive mortality attributed to starvation. twelve guanacos were necropsied and samples were analyzed at the parasitology laboratory of facultad de ciencias veterinarias, universidad nacional del litoral. fecal analysis revealed developmental stages of nematodirus sp., marshallagia sp., trichuris sp. and eimeria spp. histopathological a ...200314651877
clinical toxoplasma gondii, hammondia heydorni, and sarcocystis spp. infections in dogs.concurrent infections with coccidians toxoplasma gondii, sarcocystis spp., and a hammondia heydorni-like parasite were identified in tissues of three littermate pups on a kelpie dog breeding farm in australia. in total, 20 pups in four litters had died following vaccination with an attenuated distemper virus vaccine. toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites were identified immunohistochemically in tissues of two dogs. sarcocystis sp. sporocysts were seen in the intestinal lamina propria of two dogs. asexua ...200315267102
[structural and functional characterization of cyst cells in sarcocystis sp. (sporozoa, apicomplexa)].by means of light and electron microscopy, the structural pattern of muscle cysts (sarcocysts) was examined for the four species of the genus sarcocystis: s. muris (from murine skeletal muscles), sarcocystis sp. and s. fusiformis (from, respectively, heart and skeletal muscles of buffalo), and s. ovifelis (from ovine tong muscles). the orderly fashion of the interior of the cyst is attained by partitition of its space into numerous compartments with the involvement of the intermediate filaments. ...200415473369
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