the radial forearm flap: a biomechanical study of donor-site morbidity utilizing sheep tibia.the use of vascularized bone grafts to reconstruct extremity and mandibular defects is now commonplace in reconstructive surgery. fibula, scapula, iliac crest, rib, and metatarsal as well as the radial forearm osseocutaneous flaps have all been utilized for this purpose. troublesome spiral fractures of the distal radius are the most common fractures associated with the use of the distal radius as a vascularized bone-graft donor site. this study was proposed to investigate the effect of donor-sit ...19921410028
definition of glomerular antigens by monoclonal antibodies produced against a human glomerular membrane fraction.experimental animal models of glomerulonephritis (gn) produced by direct antibody binding to non-basement membrane glomerular capillary wall antigens do not to date have human parallels. to examine the potential for this form of humoral glomerular injury in man, we sought to define discrete human non-gbm glomerular antigenic targets using hybridoma technology. mice were immunised intraperitoneally with 20-100 micrograms of a human glomerular membrane fraction (hgmf). six fusions have yielded 12 ...19901701758
two pathways for thyroxine 5'-monodeiodination in brown adipose tissue in fetal sheep: ontogenesis and divergent responses to hypothyroidism and 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine replacement.thermogenesis in rat brown adipose tissue (bat) is thyroid hormone responsive. rat bat expresses a type ii 5'-iodothyronine monodeiodinase (5'mdi) which mediates local t3 production from t4. earlier studies show that bat from fetal and newborn sheep contains a high km type i, instead of type ii, 5'mdi. to better characterize the 5'mdi of ovine fetal bat, we studied the in vitro monodeiodination of [125i]t4 at a low substrate concentration (2 nm) and in the presence of 1 mm propylthiouracil in ba ...19902318152
cloning and expression of taenia ovis antigens in escherichia coli.double stranded dna complementary to poly(a)+ mrna from the tapeworm taenia ovis was cut with sau 3a to an average length of about 300 bp and inserted into the bam hi site of the expression plasmids pex1, pex2 and pex3. these plasmids express a hybrid protein derived from a fusion of the cro gene with the lac z gene (truncated at its 5' end by 53 bp) of phage lambda. cloning sites lie downstream from the gene fusion. escherichia coli infected with another plasmid (pci857) bearing the temperature ...19882453801
sero-prevalence of agglutinins to listeria monocytogenes in nigerian domestic animals.a survey using tube agglutination test was conducted to determine the antibody prevalence to listeria monocytogenes serotypes 1/2a, 1/2b, 1/2c, 3a and 4b in 1,190 serum samples of 8 animals species from various sources in kano and kaduna states of nigeria. following absorption with staphylococcus aureus antigen to remove cross-reacting agglutinins, 52 (68.4 p. 100) of the horse samples were positive. twenty-six (36.1 p. 100) pig, 52 (20.8 p. 100) cattle, 50 (20.0 p. 100) goat, 20 (20.0 p. 100) d ...19892518470
t lymphomas associated with human t-cell leukemia-lymphoma virus may show phenotypic and functional differences from adult t-cell leukemias.we report phenotypic and functional characterization of lymph node cells from 27 patients with t lymphoma from the nagasaki district of japan. nagasaki is one of several areas where adult t-cell leukemia is endemic, and sera from 18 of 23 patients examined (78.3%) were positive for antibody to adult t-cell leukemia-associated antigen. the majority of cases (24 of 27) showed the leu-2a-, 3a+, maso36c- phenotype similar to adult t-cell leukemia, but seemed to be subdivided into four groups accordi ...19852990783
long term effects on the immune system following local radiation therapy for breast cancer. i. cellular composition of the peripheral blood lymphocyte population.local radiation therapy for breast cancer depletes the blood of various subsets of lymphocytes. previous studies showed that the recovery is still incomplete at 30 months. to further elucidate the recovery we examined blood lymphocyte counts of 138 disease-free women and various lymphocyte subsets in 102 of these patients. these patients, 5-6 and 10-11 years earlier, had entered a clinical trial in which preoperative irradiation (45 gy) was evaluated against postoperative irradiation (45 gy) or ...19853157666
motility abnormality in intestinal atresia.this study was designed to investigate the motility of the small bowel of the lamb under the conditions of experimental intestinal atresia. of 26 fetal lambs operated upon (50 to 90 days gestation), 13 came to term. all term lambs exhibited a type 3a atresia. six were successfully repaired and had intestinal myoelectric activity monitored for periods from 2 to 27 hours. a slow wave pattern (12 to 13/min) was present in the bowel of control lambs and in the proximal dilated bowel and the microbow ...19873572689
adult t cell leukemia with atypical surface phenotypes: clinical correlation.the leukemic cells of 57 patients with adult t cell leukemia (atl) were analyzed for their immunologic surface markers. forty-four cases showed normal mature inducer/helper t cell phenotype (typical group: e-rfc+, leu-1+, 2a-, 3a+ maso36c-), but the other 13 cases showed unusual surface phenotypes (variant group) and could be subdivided into several groups (v1 to v5). four cases had absent or low leu-1 positivity (v1: e-rfc+, leu-1-, 2a-, 3a+, maso36c-), while two other cases with low leu-1 posi ...19853874266
helper and suppressor activities of lymphocyte subsets on antithyroglobulin production in vitro.we studied the regulatory activities of t cells on specific antithyroglobulin (anti-tg) and nonspecific immunoglobulin secretion in cultures of peripheral blood lymphocytes (pbl) of five patients with autoimmune thyroid diseases and high levels of serum anti-tg. pbl were separated into a non-t population, including b-cells and monocytes, and a t-cell population by rosetting with sheep red cells. t-cells were further separated into t helper (th) and t suppressor (ts) subsets by a panning techniqu ...19853160721
subsets of normal mononuclear cells in the peripheral blood defined by monoclonal antibodies.we studied the peripheral blood of 20 healthy adult individuals for the distribution of subsets within the mononuclear cell population using indirect immunofluorescence staining. normal ranges are given for several cell populations reacting with a panel of monoclonal antibodies. the analyzed immunological reagents included the monoclonal antibodies leu-1 (pan-t), leu-2a (suppressor-t), leu-3a (helper-t), leu-7 (natural killer-t), mcs-2 (pan-myeloid), nu-b1 (pan-b), fmc-7 (b-subset), tac (il-2-re ...19853905587
effect of dexamethasone on de novo ige synthesis by human blood lymphocytes.the effect of dexamethasone (dm) on de novo in vitro total ige synthesis by blood mononuclear cells (mnc) was studied in atopic patients with eczema and in nonatopic control subjects. unfractionated blood mnc were cultured at 1 x 10(6) cells per milliliter for 7 days in rpmi 1640 with 10% fetal calf serum with or without decreasing concentrations of dm (10(-7) to 10(-11). net ige synthesis was calculated by subtracting preformed (+ cycloheximide at day 0) from total ige in 7-day supernatants. su ...19853918092
the tumor promoter teleocidin induces il 2 receptor expression and il 2-independent proliferation of human peripheral blood t testing the recently discovered tumor promoter teleocidin (tcd), we found that like phorbol esters, tcd was mitogenic to human peripheral blood lymphocytes (pbl) and preferentially stimulated sheep erythrocyte-rosetted (er) t cell-enriched populations. stimulation of pbl with tcd induced synthesis and expression of receptors for interleukin 2 (il 2), as shown by dot-blot analysis with the use of a synthetic oligonucleotide probe, cell surface staining with anti-tac antibody followed by fluore ...19853928744
the pulmonary hypertension of sclerosing agents is prevented by cyclooxygenase inhibitors.sodium morrhuate and sodium tetradecylsulfate are injected during endoscopic sclerotherapy to control variceal bleeding. when administered to sheep they cause transient pulmonary hypertension and increase protein poor lung lymph flow. to determine the etiology of these alterations, we studied three groups of sheep after establishing acute lung lymph fistulas. in group 1, indomethacin or ibuprofen was infused. in group 2, 2.5 cc of sodium morrhuate was injected alone (2a) or after indomethacin or ...19853931473
increase of t cells bearing fc epsilon r-associated antigen in patients with atopic asthma.subpopulations of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) in patients with atopic asthma and control donors were analyzed by means of flow cytometry. t cells were isolated from pbmc by rosetting with sheep erythrocytes. the proportions of pbmc and t cells bearing receptors for fc fragment of ige (fc epsilon r) were elevated in patients when determined with monoclonal antibody to fc epsilon r-associated antigen (h107). significant correlations were observed between the serum-ige levels and prop ...19872952032
a monoclonal antibody against a surface antigen shared by human large granular lymphocytes and granulocytes.a monoclonal igm antibody vep13 was raised against a cell membrane antigen by immunizing balb/c mice with a cell preparation enriched for human large granular lymphocytes (lgl). these cells are known to include the effector cells responsible for natural killer (nk) and killer (k) cell activity. by indirect immunofluorescence, vep13 antibody reacted with 21.4 +/- 7.9% of peripheral blood lymphocytes (pbl) and more than 95% granulocytes but not with b lymphocytes, monocytes, erythrocytes, thromboc ...19826180009
surface markers of primate b and t lymphoid cell lines identified by antibodies to human and simian lymphocyte antigens.simian b and t lymphoid cell lines were shown to maintain surface markers found on mature lymphocytes in vivo. the t lymphoid cell lines expressed ia-like antigens on their surfaces, further suggesting that they represent mature, activated t cells. these ia antigens show a structural similarity to ia on human cells although some diversity exists. the ia antigen expressed on t lymphoid cell lines was shown to be very similar to those on b lymphoid cell lines. owl monkey and marmoset t lymphoid ce ...19826181170
a case of chronic lymphocytic leukemia with properties characteristic of natural killer cells.a case of chronic lymphocytic leukemia that consisted of a homogeneous population of cells that had properties similar to those described for natural killer (nk) cells is presented. these leukemic cells had a morphology of large granular lymphocytes (lgl) and receptors for sheep erythrocytes (er) and for the fc portion of igg (fc gamma-r). they expressed pan-t antigens okt3 and leu-4, but neither helper/inducer t-cell differentiation antigens okt4 and leu-3a nor cytotoxic/suppressor t-antigens o ...19836187398
helper cell function of leukemic leu-2a+, histamine receptor+, t gamma lymphocytes.leukemic cells from a patient with an 11-yr history of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll) were found to have the surface phenotype leu-1+, leu-2a+, leu-3a-, sheep erythrocyte rosette+, iggfc receptor+. the cells also bore a receptor for histamine inhibitable by cimetidine (h-2). the clonal nature of the proliferation was documented by the presence of a consistent marker chromosome (22-trisomy) in metaphases elicited by culture with t cell growth factors. although the surface phenotype suggested ...19826213720
immunochemical characterization of multiple forms of cytochrome p-450 in rabbit nasal microsomes and evidence for tissue-specific expression of p-450s nma and nmb.two unique forms of cytochrome p-450 (p-450), designated nma and nmb, were recently isolated in this laboratory from nasal microsomes of rabbits. in the present study, polyclonal antibodies to the purified nasal cytochromes were prepared. immunochemical analysis with specific rabbit anti-nma and sheep anti-nmb antibodies indicated that p-450 isozymes identical to or having a high structural homology with nma are present in both olfactory and respiratory mucosa, as well as in liver, but nmb was d ...19902109181
t-cell prolymphocytic leukemia with a suppressor phenotype.a diagnosis of prolymphocytic leukemia was made from the blood and bone marrow of a 50 year old man. the neoplastic cells were studied by use of light and electron microscopy. neoplastic cells were focally positive for acid phosphatase and alpha naphthyl acetate esterase. in addition, neoplastic cells formed rosettes with sheep erythrocytes and reacted with leu-1 and leu-2a but not leu-3a antisera. no terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (tdt) activity was noted in these cells. it is concluded ...19836223570
purification of liver microsomal cytochrome p-450 isozymes 3a and 6 from imidazole-treated rabbits. evidence for the identity of isozyme 3a with the form obtained by ethanol treatment.two forms of cytochrome p-450 have been purified to electrophoretic homogeneity from hepatic microsomes of rabbits treated with imidazole. several criteria indicate that the cytochrome of higher electrophoretic mobility is identical with ethanol-inducible isozyme 3a. "imidazole-3a" and "ethanol-3a" exhibit the same chromatographic characteristics and have identical electrophoretic mobilities upon sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. furthermore, the two protein preparations ...19846427601
non-hodgkin's lymphoma phenotyping: problems in the use of heterologous and monoclonal antibodies.cell suspensions or frozen sections of lymph node biopsies from 32 patients with non-hodgkin's lymphoma (nhl) were studied for sheep erythrocyte (e)-binding under three conditions (estandard, eaet, egravity), fc and c receptors, immunoglobulin (ig) heavy and light chain class and reactivity with heterologous antisera to t cells (t-lcl), hla-d (ia-like) and common acute lymphocytic leukemia (c-all) antigens. selected b and t cell lymphomas were also tested for reactivity with the monoclonal antib ...19836604849
peripheral t cell lymphoma: immunologic and cell-kinetic observations associated with morphological progression.peripheral t cell lymphomas (ptcls) form a morphologically heterogeneous group of non-hodgkin's lymphomas that are generally considered to have immunophenotypes associated with mature t cells, usually those of helper t cells. we now describe and correlate the clinical, morphological, immunologic, and cell-kinetic findings based on the evaluation of eight tissue samples obtained at various times from a 13-year-old girl with ptcl. the early morphological expressions of this patient's ptcl were tho ...19853876128
methodology for the synthesis and specific activity determination of 16 alpha-[77br]-bromoestradiol-17 beta and 16 alpha-[77br]-11 beta-methoxyestradiol-17 beta, two estrogen receptor-binding radiopharmaceuticals.16 alpha-[77 br]-bromoestradiol-17 beta (3a) has been synthesized from estrone enol diacetate (1) by bromination with na77br and hydrogen peroxide-acetic acid, followed by reduction with lithium aluminum hydride to give a mixture of 16 alpha-[77 br]-bromoestradiol-17 beta (3a) and 16 alpha-[77br]-bromoestradiol-17 alpha (3b) from which the desired epimer (3a) can be obtained in 50% overall radiochemical yield (from na77br) by hplc. analogous procedures can be used in the preparation of 16 alpha- ...19826889575
surface antigenic phenotypes of human t-cell leukemia corresponding to those of post-thymic t cells.leukemic cells from eight adult patients with various types of t-cell leukemias, including one patient with lymphosarcoma cell leukemia (t-lsl), two patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (t-cll), and five patients with adult t-cell leukemia (atl), were analyzed for their surface antigenic phenotypes with a series of monoclonal antibodies directing to human t-cell differentiation antigens. all of the leukemic t cells studied were regarded as being of post-thymic t-cell origin because of thei ...19826979246
cell surface phenotype of a cloned line of human natural killer cells.a human cell line with strong natural killer (nk) activity lacking alloreactive cytotoxicity was derived from a primary mixed lymphocyte culture (mlc). the line was developed from a single colony grown in soft agarose and subsequently expanded in liquid culture. several subcultures with identical reactivity were established, one of which (3.3) was studied in detail. the morphologic and phenotypic characteristics of this line were distinct from those of alloreactive t lymphocytes. while reacting ...19826982944
activities of lymphocytes mediating antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity in patients with chronic active hepatitis.antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (adcc) of peripheral blood lymphocytes against sheep erythrocytes, cultured rat hepatocytes (brl-3a) and chang cells in the presence of specific anti-serum was evaluated in patients with chronic active hepatitis (cah) and healthy subjects. adcc activities against these cells were significantly decreased in patients with cah when compared with healthy subjects. significant correlations were observed between degrees of adcc against brl-3a, chang cells ...19817324051
caldesmon mrna splicing and isoform expression in mammalian smooth-muscle and non-muscle tissues.the recent determination of the genomic sequence of human caldesmon indicates that eight caldesmon mrna species could be generated by selection of exon 1 or 1', exon 3a or 3ab and/or exon 4. we used reverse transcriptase pcr to determine which transcripts were produced in human, rabbit and sheep artery, vein, lung, intestine, kidney and liver. in all tissues the same three transcripts were present: exons 1'-2-3a-5-6...13, exons 1'-2-3a3b-5-6-...13 and exons 1'-2-3a3b-4-5-6...13. exon 1 was not p ...19957832758
cytochrome p450 during ontogenic development: occurrence in the ductus arteriosus and other tissues.our previous investigations have implicated a cytochrome p450 mechanism in the oxygen contraction of the ductus arteriosus and, by extension, in the closure of the vessel at birth. this study was undertaken in fetal and newborn sheep to characterize the ductal cytochrome and gather insight into its operation. other tissues, vascular and extravascular, were used as a reference. benzo[a]pyrene hydroxylation (a marker for the 3-methylcholanthrene-inducible isozyme) and aminopyrine n-demethylation ( ...19948069768
cytochrome p450 induction and metabolism of alkoxyresorufins, ethylmorphine and testosterone in cultured hepatocytes from goats, sheep and cattle.very little is known of cytochrome p450 (p450) patterns and enzyme characteristics in food-producing animal species. oxidative metabolism of alkoxyresorufins, ethylmorphine (etm) and testosterone (tst) was used to monitor the effects of the p450 inducers phenobarbital (pb), beta-naphthoflavone (bnf), dexamethasone (dex) and triacetyloleandomycin (tao) in primary cultured hepatocytes from goats, sheep and cattle. bnf effectively and specifically induced ethoxyresorufin deethylase (> 20-fold), ind ...19938250964
hepatic cytochrome p450 induction in goats. effects of model inducers on the metabolism of alkoxyresorufins, testosterone and ethylmorphine, and on apoprotein and mrna levels.male and female african dwarf goats were treated orally with phenobarbital (pb) or triacetyloleandomycin (tao), or subcutaneously with beta-naphthoflavone (bnf). hepatic microsomal cytochrome p450 content was increased by pb and tao, but not by bnf. pb effects on p450 activities were non-selective: ethoxyresorufin deethylase (erod) and pentoxyresorufin depentylase (prod), hydroxylation of testosterone (tst) and demethylation of ethylmorphine (etm) were all induced by a factor of 2-3. a similar n ...19938424805
expression of cdnas encoding mouse cardiac troponin t isoforms: characterization of a large sample of independent clones.we have isolated 52 mouse cardiac troponin-t-encoding cdna clones (tnt) by specific antibody screening of a lambda zapii expression library. sequencing data from the large sample of independent cdnas demonstrated relationships among the expression of four alternatively-spliced exons of the cardiac tnt gene, producing seven classes of cdnas encoding four protein isoforms differing in two variable regions. in the n-terminal variable region and next to the embryonic-specific exon 4, an alternativel ...19968654947
description and classification of different types of lesion associated with natural paratuberculosis infection in sheep.paratuberculosis lesions in naturally infected sheep were classified histologically. adult sheep (n = 166) culled for various reasons, from four flocks in which clinical cases of the disease had occurred, were studied. eight-two sheep (49.4%) showed lesions that could be divided into three main categories. type 1 lesions, found in 24.1% of these animals, consisted of small granulomata formed by macrophages and were located exclusively in the ileocaecal peyer's patch. in type 2 lesions, found in ...19968920212
genotypic relationships among strains classified under the (pasteurella) haemolytica-complex as indicated by ribotyping and multilocus enzyme electrophoresis.two-hundred and one strains classified under the (pasteurella) haemolytica-complex isolated from cattle, sheep, deer, pigs, hares and rabbits were investigated by ribotyping. fifty-nine of these strains were selected for further studies using multilocus enzyme electrophoresis (mee). a correlation between the clusters identified by ribotyping and mee was demonstrated and the results furthermore indicated that a genetic basis exists for most clusters previously outlined by the use of quantitative ...19979361380
diagnostic potential of mab-based elisas for antibodies to non-structural proteins of foot-and-mouth disease virus to differentiate infection from vaccination.this paper summarises the development of monoclonal antibody (mab)-based immunoassays measuring antibodies to non-structural proteins of fmdv to differentiate infection from vaccination. of the three non-structural proteins 2c, 3c and 3abc evaluated in this study, the polypeptide 3abc was the most immunogenic. three elisas for the detection of antibodies to 3abc were developed. two assays rely on the competition of test sera against either a anti-3a mab or against antisera to 3abc raised in rabb ...19989652058
characterization of putative haemophilus somnus isolates from tonsils of american bison (bison bison).three haemophilus somnus isolates (2a, 3a, and 27b) and one h. somnus-like (13b) isolate from tonsils of commercially reared american bison were compared with 2 known h. somnus isolates from cattle, namely, 2336, shown to cause respiratory disease, and 129pt, from the prepuce of an asymptomatic bull. all h. somnus isolates, but not the h. somnus-like isolate, required co2 for growth. biochemical utilization profiles were identical for bison and bovine h. somnus isolates with the exception of alp ...199910480457
in vitro metabolism of 14c-moxidectin by hepatic microsomes from various species.moxidectin is an antiparasitic drug widely used in cattle, sheep and companion animals. no data were available on its metabolism in wild species or in monogastrics. the in vitro metabolism of 14c-moxidectin was studied using hepatic microsomes from several different species: cow (bos taurus). sheep (ovis ovis), goat (capra hircus), deer (cervus dama), rat (rattus norvegicus), pig (sus scrofa and rabbit (oryctolagus cuniculus). after separation and quantification by hplc, the extent of metabolism ...200111469506
pharmacokinetics and microsomal oxidation of praziquantel and its effects on the p450 system in three-month-old lambs infested by fasciola hepatica.praziquantel (pzq) is a broadly effective trematocide and cestocide, widely employed in veterinary and human medicine. in view of several differences in both its pharmacokinetic profile in different animal species and in the cytochrome p450-dependent system between ruminant and nonruminant species, the present study was undertaken to determine the pharmacokinetics of this drug, its effects on the p450 system and the involvement of cytochrome p450 in its metabolism in 3-month-old lambs infested b ...200111555180
role of alcohol p-450-oxygenase (apo) in microsomal ethanol oxidation.the form of liver microsomal cytochrome p-450 induced by chronic administration of ethanol to rabbits, designated as p-450alc or p-450 isozyme 3a, has been purified to homogeneity as judged by several criteria, including nh2- and cooh-terminal amino acid sequence determination. the reconstituted alcohol-p-450 oxygenase (apo) system containing p-450alc and nadph-cytochrome p-450 reductase catalyzes the oxidation of a variety of primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones, including me ...19854015835
interleukin 2-dependent natural killer (nk) cell lines from patients with primary t cell immunodeficiencies.bulk cultured cell lines with natural killer (nk) activity were derived by in vitro culture with interleukin 2-containing conditioned medium (il 2-cm) of peripheral blood mononuclear leukocytes (pbl) from patients with primary t cell deficiencies. lines were developed from three patients with severe combined immunodeficiency (scid) and one patient with nezelof's syndrome and contained several populations of cells with distinct phenotypes. all lines contained a cell population expressing the leu- ...19836222110
distinctive phorbol ester-induced morphological and surface antigen changes in mycosis fungoides, the sézary syndrome, and adult t-cell leukemia.clinical and pathological studies of cutaneous t-cell lymphomas (ctcl) reveal variations in tumor cell morphology and surface membrane phenotype that are of diagnostic and prognostic importance. our study investigates blastic transformation and surface antigen change on ctcl cells in vitro under the influence of tumor-promoting phorbol ester (tpa) and phytohemagglutinin. both agents transformed tumor cells with cerebriform nuclei into blast cells within 5 days; however, sézary cells were somewha ...19846611200
anti-complement activity of constituents from the stem-bark of juglans mandshurica.four known flavonoids and two galloyl glucoses isolated from the stem-bark of juglans mandshurica (juglandaceae), namely taxifolin (1), afzelin (2), quercitrin (3), myricitrin (4), 1,2,6-trigalloylglucose (5), and 1,2,3,6-tetragalloylglucose (6), were evaluated for their anti-complement activity against complement system. afzelin (2) and quercitrin (3) showed inhibitory activity against complement system with 50% inhibitory concentrations (ic(50)) values of 258 and 440 microm. 1,2,6-trigalloylgl ...200312843637
the effects of albendazole and its metabolites on hepatic cytochromes p450 activities in mouflon and rat.albendazole (abz) is a benzimidazole anthelmintic widely used in veterinary medicine. the effects of abz on cytochromes p450 were investigated in primary cultures of mouflon (ovis musimon) and rat (rattus norvegicus) hepatocytes. besides abz, its two main metabolites (albendazole-sulphoxide, abzso and albendazole-sulphone, abzsoo) were tested to clarify which compound is responsible for the induction potency of this benzimidazole drug. after 48 h incubation of hepatocytes with benzimidazoles (0. ...200313129672
inter-species comparisons of hepatic cytochrome p450 enzyme levels in male ruminants.our current knowledge about the biotransformation enzymes in wild ruminants is limited. the present study aimed to compare basic levels and specific activities of cytochrome p450 isoforms (cyp1a, 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 3a, 4a) in males of red deer ( cervus elaphus), fallow deer ( dama dama), roe deer ( capreolus capreolus) and mouflon ( ovis musimon). the proteins from the major cytochrome p450 (cyp) subfamilies were detected in all ruminant species by western blotting, using polyclonal antibodies ...200314574442
differential effects of phenobarbital on the constitutive and inducible expression of p450 2b and 3a subfamilies in sheep tissues.the activity and expression of cytochromes p450 were determined in liver, kidneys, lungs, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, and caecum of adult lacaune sheep. high expression of total p450, benzphetamine and erythromycin demethylase activities, and p450 2b isoforms, as two distinct proteins that were detected and called p4502 bm and p4502 bx, was found in the lungs (in addition to liver). by contrast, the p450 3a subfamily was only expressed in liver and duodenal mucosa of untreated sheep. phenobarbital ...200111697743
cytochrome p450 expression and catalytic activity in coronary arteries and liver of cattle.there is increasing evidence that cytochrome p450 (cyp) enzymes are involved not only in the metabolism of xenobiotics, but also in vascular homeostasis. among the cyp-derived vasoactive agents, special importance is assigned to endogenous products from arachidonic acid (aa). specifically, the vasodilator epoxyeicosatrienoic acids (eets), being linked to the cyp 2b, 2c, and 2j subfamilies, and the vasoconstrictor 20-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (20-hete) connected instead to the cyp 4a subfamily ...200415716024
consequences of bovine oocyte maturation, fertilization or early embryo development in vitro versus in vivo: implications for blastocyst yield and blastocyst quality.the aim of this study is to examine the effect of bovine oocyte maturation, fertilization or culture in vivo or in vitro on the proportion of oocytes reaching the blastocyst stage, and on blastocyst quality as measured by survival following vitrification. in experiment 1, 4 groups of oocytes were used: (1) immature oocytes from 2-6 mm follicles; (2) immature oocytes from > 6 mm follicles; (3) immature oocytes recovered in vivo just before the lh surge; and (4) in vivo matured oocytes. significan ...200211803560
prevention of calcification of bioprosthetic heart valve cusp and aortic wall with ethanol and aluminum chloride.calcification is frequently associated with device failure of bioprostheses fabricated from either glutaraldehyde pretreated porcine aortic valves or bovine pericardium. it was hypothesized that differential pretreatment with ethanol-aluminum chloride will prove safe and efficacious for inhibiting the calcification of both the porcine aortic valve bioprosthetic cusp and the aortic wall.200515734402
links between ammonia oxidizer species composition, functional diversity and nitrification kinetics in grassland soils.molecular approaches have revealed considerable diversity and uncultured novelty in natural prokaryotic populations, but not direct links between the new genotypes detected and ecosystem processes. here we describe the influence of the structure of communities of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria on nitrogen cycling in microcosms containing natural and managed grasslands and amended with artificial sheep urine, a major factor determining local ammonia concentrations in these environments. nitrification ...200515819850
occurrence and persistence of listeria spp. in the environment of ewe and cow's milk cheese dairies in portugal unveiled by an integrated analysis of identification, typing and spatial-temporal mapping along production cycle.eight dairies, located in two distant geographic regions of portugal, were screened along the production cycle in order to evaluate the presence and distribution of listeria spp. in their environment. three dairies in each region were positive for the presence of listeriae and 213 isolates were obtained. based on an integrated analysis of rapd fingerprints with three primers, molecular identification and genomic typing of isolates was performed followed by spatial and temporal mapping on dairy p ...200717337311
enhancement of moxidectin bioavailability in lamb by a natural flavonoid: quercetin.moxidectin is an antiparasitic drug widely used in cattle, sheep and companion animals. due to the involvement of p-glycoprotein (p-gp) and cytochrome p450 3a in the metabolism of moxidectin, we studied the influence of various p-gp interfering agents (ivermectin, quercetin and ketoconazole) on the metabolism of 14c moxidectin in cultured rat hepatocytes over 72 h. this in vitro study allowed selection of compounds which are able to increase the moxidectin bioavailability in lambs. from this, th ...200312623212
[purification and reactivity of foot-and-mouth disease virus non-structural protein 3a, 3b and 2c expressed in e. coli].to purify and to detect reactivity of non-structural proteins 3a, 3b and 2c expressed in the escherichia coli.200818724495
milrinone enhances relaxation to prostacyclin and iloprost in pulmonary arteries isolated from lambs with persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn.prostacyclin is a pulmonary vasodilator and is produced by prostacyclin synthase and stimulates adenylate cyclase (ac) via the prostacyclin receptor (ip) to produce camp. forskolin is a direct stimulant of ac. phosphodiesterase 3 hydrolyzes camp and is inhibited by milrinone.200919057444
transcatheter valve insertion in a model of enlarged right ventricular outflow tracts.transcatheter pulmonary valve insertion has recently emerged as an alternative to surgery. to extend its indications to patients with a large right ventricular outflow tract, we previously developed an intravascular device that reduces the diameter of the main pulmonary artery, allowing the insertion of available valved stents. here we report its use in a model of animals with an enlarged right ventricular outflow tract and pulmonary valve incompetence.201019709678
synthesis and immunomodulatory activites of new 5-hydrazino-3-methyl-4-isothiazolecarboxylic acid ethyl esters.several new derivatives of 5-hydrazino-3-methyl-4-isothiazolecarboxylic ethyl esters were synthesized. using 4-aminoacetophenone, the hydrazine group was transformed in position 5 in the hydrazone which reacted with the isocyanates, aldehydes and sugars. thirteen newly synthesized compounds were tested for their ability to affects the immunological response in vitro in several rodent models. the immunoregulatory properties of the compounds were differential and dose-dependent. the strongest acti ...200919894646
influence of gestational overfeeding on cardiac morphometry and hypertrophic protein markers in fetal sheep.intrauterine overnutrition is associated with development of cardiovascular disease in adulthood although the underlying mechanism has not been precisely elucidated. this study evaluated the effects of maternal overnutrition on fetal cardiac morphometry and hypertrophy-related mrna/protein expression. multiparous ewes were fed either 150% of national research council (nrc) nutrient requirements (overfed group) or 100% of nrc requirements (control group) from 60 days before mating to day 75 (d75) ...201120188535
capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection for atp quantification in spermatozoa and oocytes.we describe a new capillary electrophoresis laser-induced fluorescence (ce-lif) method for the quantification of adenosine 5'-triphosphate (atp) in spermatozoa and oocytes. the optimization of the precapillary derivatization reaction between atp and 4,4-difluoro-5,7-dimethyl-4-bora-3a,4adiaza-s-indacene-3-propionyl ethylene diamine hydrochloride (bodipy fl eda) has been described. bodipy-atp conjugate was analysed in an uncoated fused silica capillary of 75 μm id and 50 cm effective length using ...201020835861
effect of breed and gender on bovine liver cytochrome p450 3a (cyp3a) expression and inter-species comparison with other domestic ruminants.the cytochrome p450 (p450) superfamily represents a group of relevant enzymes in the field of drug metabolism and several exogenous or constitutional factors contribute to regulate its expression. cattle represent an important source of animal-derived food-products and studies concerning the p450 expression are needed for the extrapolation of pharmacotoxicological data from one species to another and for the evaluation of the consumer's risk associated with the consumption of harmful residues fo ...200515720971
placental development during early pregnancy in sheep: cell proliferation, global methylation, and angiogenesis in the fetal characterize early fetal placental development, gravid uterine tissues were collected from pregnant ewes every other day from day 16 to 30 after mating. determination of 1) cell proliferation was based on ki67 protein immunodetection; 2) global methylation was based on 5-methyl-cytosine (5mc) expression and mrna expression for dna methyltransferases (dnmts) 1, 3a, and 3b; and 3) vascular development was based on smooth muscle cell actin immunolocalization and on mrna expression of several fac ...201121273368
cytochrome p450 3a expression and function in liver and intestinal mucosa from dexamethasone-treated sheep.maté, m. l., lifschitz, a., sallovitz, j., ballent, m., muscher, a. s., wilkens, m. r., schröder, b., lanusse, c., virkel, g. cytochrome p450 3a expression and function in liver and intestinal mucosa from dexamethasone-treated sheep. j. vet. pharmacol. therap. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2885.2011.01334.x. the effects of repeated administrations of dexamethasone (dex) (3 mg/kg/day by im route for 7 days) on the gene expression profile of a cytochrome p450 (cyp) 3a28-like isoenzyme, on the expression of ...201121906085
expression, activity, and function of phosphodiesterases in the mature and immature ductus arteriosus.a patent ductus arteriosus is due in large part to increased sensitivity of the premature ductus to pge2. after pge2 stimulation, camp concentrations are higher in the immature than in the mature ductus. camp concentrations depend on the rates of adenyl cyclase production and phosphodiesterase (pde)-mediated degradation. we used ductus from immature (n = 25) and mature (n = 21) fetal sheep to investigate whether a developmental increase in pde activity could explain the diminished camp accumulat ...200818552705
lipid diffusion in sperm plasma membranes exposed to peroxidative injury from oxygen free radicals.unsaturated lipids in sperm plasma membranes are very susceptible to peroxidation when exposed to reactive oxygen species (ros). in this investigation we have incubated ram spermatozoa in the presence of two ros generating systems, ascorbate/feso4 and potassium peroxychromate (k3cro8), and examined their effects on membrane fluidity by measuring fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (frap) of a lipid reporter probe 5-(n-octadecanoyl)-aminofluorescein (odaf). peroxidation was monitored by ma ...200415112331
surgical preparation for articular cartilage regeneration without penetration of the subchondral bone plate: in vitro and in vivo studies in humans and prevent hemorrhage, fibrin clot formation, and subsequent activation of the inflammatory response, surgical preparation for articular cartilage regeneration should avoid penetration of the subchondral bone plate.201121212304
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